Power up Pardot with no-code, multi-directional integrations

  • Connect Pardot to multiple systems - CRM, webinars, events, support & more
  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules for your Pardot integrations
  • Unleash key features including lead intelligence for sales visibility, dynamic lists for segmenting CRM data, & lifecycle stage reporting
  • Manage multi-system integrations including multiple Pardot instances or CRMs

Consistent CRM & marketing automation data through Bedrock Data saves us time & helps us make decisions.
Luque Wang Senior Manager, Marketing Operations | Bit Stew Systems, from GE Digital

Connect Pardot to any CRM to align sales & marketing

Pardot will be a more powerful tool for you when it’s connected to your CRM system.

Ensure your sales & marketing teams are working together with immediate lead delivery and consistent data between Pardot and your CRM.

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Wizard setup to manage your integrations, mappings & rules

Manage all of your Pardot integrations through a wizard based interface – no coding required.

Connect Pardot to all your sales & marketing systems including event systems, webinar systems and more.

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Feed Pardot lead intelligence into connecting CRMs

When Pardot is connected to your CRM, your sales reps get visibility into key lead intelligence.

Map key Pardot fields such as lead score, lead grade and most recent activity, and present it to your sales reps in the CRM interface they use every day.

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Enable Pardot’s customer lifecycle reporting with opportunity data

Pardot’s customer lifecycle reporting provides marketers with visibility into their marketing funnel. 

Feed opportunity data back from your CRM to Pardot to make this reporting possible.

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Expert Pardot Integration, Simplified.

The Marketer's Mega Guide to Pardot Integrations

Auto-integrate Pardot to your CRM with no code or heavy IT projects.

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