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Adrian Mott | November 16, 2013

3 Useful Salesforce.com Custom Object Integrations

Salesforce.com Integrations Custom Objects


This new connector is a culmination of many years of developing on top of the Salesforce.com system for certain members of our founding team. This integration is really something that we can say came out of eating our own dogfood, and should prove to be incredibly useful to helping folks sync data to all sorts of object on the Force.com platform.

Here are 3 ways to use the Force.com connector to sync data to/from Force.com to some other systems in interesting ways:

1. Sync GoToWebinar Webinar Registrants and Attendees to a custom Webinars object (and then out to a marketing app)

This one is in production already and being used by our friends over at BigCommerce. Rather than just port webinar registrants and attendees into a marketing automation application like HubSpot or Marketo, why not create a custom object in Salesforce dedicated to all of your cool webinar data. This will enable you to report on the data in Salesforce.com, where you're used to doing all of your reporting anyhow. Remember: your data isn't stuck in a SFDC custom object anymore, you can just setup another integration to sync it back out to a marketing application like HubSpot.

2. Sync Eventbrite event ticket and attendee data to Campaigns in Salesforce.com

This one is special to Marketo users especially who love themselves some Salesforce.com Campaigns. If you're the type of company who loves to put on events, be them conferences, meetups or user groups, then you've probably got yourself a pretty robust Eventbrite account full of useful data. Why not port this data from Eventbrite right into Salesforce.com campaigns to report on and then sync out to a marketing automation application like Marketo?

3. Sync Magento or Shopify customer data to custom "Customer" objects in Salesforce.com

If you're an E-commerce shop and use Salesforce.com to track your customers and repeat customers, then this integration point is for you. Bedrock lets you seamlessly integrate your customers who are purchasing your products through your Magento or Shopify carts into Salesforce.

Bonus: Pull data from any object you have created in Salesforce.com

Of course, we don't know how you're using Salesforce.com, but know that because it's highly customizable and flexible, you've found some interesting ways to mold the system around your business to represent the different types of data that you depend on. Bedrock enables you to pull this data out of Force.com and bring it into other systems. 

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