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The Bedrock Data Product Team | May 31, 2017

Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology with Sales

At MarTech San Francisco 2017, the MarTech explosion that Scott Brinker has been chronicling came to life. Hundreds of MarTech vendors and thousands of practitioners gathered at the Hilton San Francisco for three days to share best practices and take stock of the latest trends.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, account based marketing, MarTech integration, buyer journey, customer experience, AdTech + MarTech - for every trend, there were at least a few vendors and a breakout session to talk about it.

Common to all of this - and something that is too often overlooked - is that if marketing technology and marketing operations is not well aligned with sales - it will all be for naught.

Bedrock Data’s Zak Pines and GE Digital’s Luque Wang tackled this topic in one of the break-outs. Zak and Luque shared the story of how Luque aligned marketing and sales in fueling growth at Bit Stew Systems, leading to Bit Stew’s acquisition by GE in November, 2016.

Here’s the video of their 20-minute session (and here's the full transcript):


These were the top takeaways that Zak and Luque suggested marketers could take back to their shops:

  • Embrace using a CRM system as the home for business performance reports
  • Build process around your marketing automation system to ensure it’s aggregating your marketing data across various sources and feeding consistent data into the CRM
  • Leverage your marketing automation system as the day-to-day marketing optimization tool
  • Leverage sales & marketing middleware to keep data in sync and aligned - remember data needs to sync in multiple directions
  • Be diligent around processes to ensure a de-duplicated, aligned data set for sales and marketing

Zak left the audience with a “parting gift” - Bedrock Data’s Infographic of terminology across 70+ SaaS systems. Is it a “Lead” or “Person” or “Prospect” or “Contact”? Is it an “Opportunity” or “Deal” or “Potential”?

Check out the MarTech Terms Infographic here including free download.New Call-to-action

And we’ll see you at MarTech Boston in October!

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