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Zak Pines | September 12, 2016

Amber Newman on her NetSuite HubSpot integration

We recently caught up with Amber Newman to get an update since our case study on AMTdirect integrating HubSpot and NetSuite via Bedrock Data.

Zak: Amber, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us today. How are things progressing for you at AMTdirect?

Amber: Things are going great. We’ve exceeded our goals so far this year for website visits, lead generation, and new customer acquisition.

Zak: OK, that is always great to hear from a marketer. Let’s just take a minute to remind folks what AMTdirect does. Can you give us a quick snapshot?

Amber: Sure. We provide real estate management software and services to companies that have a large number of leased and owned real estate assets. So our customers are retailers such as Lowe’s or Rite Aid who have many locations, healthcare organizations and universities.

Zak: From the case study, we know you rolled out a HubSpot-NetSuite integration through Bedrock Data. How has it been going for you?

Amber: It’s been running incredibly smoothly. We’ve had really strong data quality between the two systems. They are running in parallel with a bi-directional synchronization.

It’s been completely hassle free, we’ve been able to “set it and forget it,” so to speak, while getting the data we need back to HubSpot for lead follow up campaigns and reporting.

Zak: What’s been the impact of having the Bedrock Data integration for you?

Amber: It’s greatly simplified life for us. The reason is we have a complex CRM system in NetSuite, but we are wedded to it because it’s also our ERP and accounting system.

At a previous company I was part of a NetSuite HubSpot integration that was manually programmed through APIs and was a nightmare. Things would change in NetSuite, and the system would break. We couldn’t trust it.

With Bedrock Data, we have complete trust that the integration is working and data is flowing properly back and forth between HubSpot and NetSuite.

Our marketing team doesn’t need to worry about the complexity of NetSuite. We can leverage HubSpot as a great marketing tool, and the integration with NetSuite just runs behind the scenes. This has been very empowering for us.how to integrate hubspot

Zak: Something that wasn’t part of the case study but I’m interested to better understand: what was your initial decision process when selecting Bedrock Data?

Amber: When I joined AMTdirect we were using a proprietary CMS and Pardot for marketing automation. I knew consolidating that with HubSpot would be best for the marketing team, but I also didn’t have technical resources to get up and running between HubSpot and NetSuite.
By turning to Bedrock Data, I didn’t require any technical resources to setup the integration. Bedrock Data’s turnkey integration for HubSpot and NetSuite became the lynchpin to getting the marketing automation tool that I needed.

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