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Lisa Falcone

Lisa Falcone

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CRMs Aren't Just for Reducing Customer Churn

October 26, 2015

Making Employees' Jobs Faster & Easier

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6 Ways Your CRM Can Reduce Customer Churn

October 23, 2015

According to research, the ability of a business to retain customers is even more important than their ability to acquire new customers in terms of earning potential. It's...

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Expert Interview Series: Kally Pan on Data Driven Marketing

October 13, 2015

  "Building a metrics-driven culture takes a village (or a company)," he says. "It's not enough just to get some metrics up; they need to be shared with people and...

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5 Critical Pieces of Data for the Smart Marketer

October 6, 2015

Who are your customers? What do they look like, act like, earn like, spend like, value, mistrust, and need? For the B2C marketer, this means demographic information, but...

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How to Nurture Customers with MailChimp integrations

September 30, 2015

Not only can MailChimp and data integration help you collect this information, MailChimp can be set so that a particular action by the customer automatically triggers the...

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5 tips on how to purchase finance software

September 29, 2015

Most products are designed for some flexibility and scalability, but you do want to choose a package that was designed for your size business. Finance software designed...

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