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Zak Pines | September 3, 2019

Bedrock Data is Now Formstack Sync

As you may know, Bedrock Data was recently acquired by Formstack, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with a mission to transform the way people collect information and put it to work. Formstack made the acquisition to fulfill its vision of creating a full-stack, integrated data platform for workplace productivity. Their platform now includes software for online forms and surveys, automated documents, and eSignatures. 

Bedrock Data began in 2012 as a scrappy, nights-and-weekends project. Taylor Barstow, co-founder and former CEO of Bedrock Data, realized his dream of making the Rosetta Stone for data—or, in other words, a universal translator that speaks to all systems. Now, the time has come to launch Bedrock Data as part of the Formstack family. We’re excited to unveil Bedrock Data’s new name, Formstack Sync


Our name might be changing, but our commitment to bringing you solutions that unify customer data across multiple applications will stay the same. Now that we’ve joined the Formstack family, you can look forward to an expanded team working on new innovations to help you overcome your largest obstacles at work. 

With this rebranding comes a lot of questions, so we have addressed some FAQs below. 

I do not use Formstack. Can I still use Bedrock Data, now as Formstack Sync?
Absolutely. We’re still dedicated to helping organizations like yours keep track of data across systems. For existing Bedrock Data users, it will be “business as usual” when it comes to your integrations. You’ll be able to access your account and data like normal, regardless of whether you’re a Formstack user. We have lots of customers using Formstack Sync to connect applications like HubSpot & Microsoft Dynamics, or HubSpot & NetSuite, or Marketo & SugarCRM, or many, many other softwares. 

Would I benefit from using Formstack?
Like Bedrock Data, Formstack focuses on improving the way people use data. If you ever create forms to collect information, Formstack’s online form builder will make your life a lot easier. Formstack also provides document generation, workflow automation, and online surveys. If you’re interested, you can start a Formstack free trial now

Will any of Bedrock Data’s integrations be affected by this rebranding?
This rebranding will not impact any of Bedrock Data’s Sync or Fusion connectors. You will be able to continue to use Bedrock Data as you always have. 

Do I need a Formstack account to continue to use Bedrock Data/Formstack Sync?
No, the acquisition will not impact how you log in to Bedrock Data. However, if you use Formstack and Bedrock Data, you can now log in to your Bedrock Data account using your Formstack details. 

Will Bedrock Data’s Sync, Fusion, or other features be changing?
While we may update some features in the future, there will be no direct changes as a result of this rebranding. 

What is going to change?
There will be no changes to how you and your organization currently use Bedrock Data, but you may notice some small updates. For example, the logo has been updated to say Formstack Sync formerly bedrock data. You will also see colors begin to change on the website and in-app as we adapt to Formstack’s branding and overall style. 

If you still have questions, we’re here to help. Please reach out to us, and we’ll work to address any of your concerns as soon as possible. If you’d like to receive updates about Formstack Sync and workplace productivity tips, sign up for our newsletter


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