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Zak Pines | January 20, 2017

Elements Holdings is growing so fast its HubSpot & Microsoft Dynamics integration needs to be easy

Zak: Congratulations on the explosive growth of your business. Could you first share some background on Elements?

Trace: Absolutely. We are a Professional Employer Organization/Employer of Record office which provides human resource solutions on a domestic and global basis; including payroll, onboarding and benefits administration services. Our value stems from helping our customers reduce their in-house burden of time consuming HR tasks, while also reducing liability and risk.

Zak: Can you give us an overview of your sales & marketing systems?

Trace: Earlier last year we took the decision to invest in HubSpot knowing we need to continue to scale our marketing efforts. We started by moving our website to HubSpot, including all the content and forms.

As we did that, it was important for HubSpot to seamlessly integrate with our CRM system of choice, which is Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud. For that integration, we turned to Bedrock Data.

Zak: What is the process you’ve setup for your connection between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics?

Trace: Leads are captured in HubSpot from a variety of sources. We push those leads to Microsoft Dynamics. Along with that we’ve mapped important fields such as the lead source, conversation events and what’s called the HubSpot public contact URL – so that our team using Dynamics has the right context for the leads and why and how they have engaged with us.

From there, a lot happens in Microsoft Dynamics to run our back office. We have our entire sales, operations and finance processes running out of Microsoft Dynamics, all the way through to invoice generation, tracking and reports.

Zak: What was the process like to connect HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics?

Trace: The integration project went smoothly. This occurred in parallel to us rolling out HubSpot; the integration itself took place in just a couple of weeks.

We worked with the Bedrock Data on-boarding team to ensure our data was mapped correctly between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics – for our contacts, accounts and opportunities. This ensures that the data between both systems is aligned so that our various departments are working off of consistent information, without duplicates.

Since we are growing so quickly, we don’t have time to deal with inconsistent data between our systems, or manual data entry – so the bidirectional connection between HubSpot and Dynamics has been appreciated.

Zak: Thanks Trace, we appreciate your insights and best of luck with continued growth.

Trace: Thanks Zak. 

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