Zak Pines | November 27, 2017

Get more out of your webinars with Bedrock Data’s WebEx-HubSpot integration

Bedrock Data has added additional use case support to our HubSpot-WebEx connector, now adding the use case for registering WebEx webinar registrants via a HubSpot form. This means WebEx users can now take full advantage of HubSpot landing pages for their webinar registrations - much more flexible than using a WebEx form.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll have the flexibility to create your webinar registration pages in HubSpot - and thus taking advantage of all of HubSpot’s functionality here. Here’s an example of a HubSpot registration page from a recent Bedrock Data webinar on NetSuite integrations.Bedrock-Data-Webinar.png

During the setup, you’ll then add the event as a WebEx event -- as you normally would -- and you can connect the HubSpot form to your WebEx event using Bedrock Data, like so:HubSpot-WebEx-event-setup.png

Then, as people register for the webinar, they will automatically show up in your WebEx account, on that webinar's registration list, like so:


Moreso, as users attend the webinar, this attendance info will sync back to that contact record in HubSpot - where you’ll have a visual indicator on the HubSpot timeline for both the initial webinar registration as well as the attendance.


This data will be available for you to segment as well - so if directly in HubSpot, you want to build a smart list of all contacts who attended a webinar, you can do it!  All attendees you registered and did not attend, you can do it!

For more on our HubSpot-WebEx integration, check out this web page or contact us to get started.

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