Aaron Kerzner | July 5, 2017

Hey agency friends, you don’t need to be a systems integrator...

Agency friends:

A client integrating data across disparate systems used to mean complexity, and time and cost that would be cost prohibitive for a customer. It used to be a world for IT and developers.

Not any more.

Bedrock Data has turned the typical challenge of systems integration into a win-win for agencies & their clients.

For clients, integration helps remove friction from marketing and sales processes – thus improving sales & marketing alignment and helping them to quickly arrive at closed loop reporting.

For agencies, the better a client measures closed loop marketing impact, the easier it becomes to build the case for greater marketing investment, aligned with sales organizations.

And in addition to the customer value-add, a data integration service adds a new revenue stream (and potential retainer) for the agency.

Read on to learn how Bedrock Data and agencies can disrupt the traditional world of complex systems integrations.


The data landscape today

There's a sea of marketing and sales systems out there today.

In Scott Brinker's latest MarTech infographic, there are over 5,000 different SaaS systems in marketing alone. When you tally in the sales systems, it’s well over the 6,000 mark.

The number of systems most companies are using is in the double digits, and the data that marketers require is spread out across many of those systems. Businesses have a marketing automation system, a webinar system, an event system, a CRM, and that's just scratching the surface.

Some of them are connected, but most of them aren't, and marketers lack a single view of their customers.

Using different systems creates a large barrier for marketing and sales alignment. Sales and marketing alignment is never easy, but having disparate data and disconnected systems makes it even harder. Not to mention some of the challenges that come as you try to be more effective in targeting your marketing, through account based marketing, or other types of targeting.

Ripe for disruption

Traditionally, connecting and integrating systems has been an IT function. It's required programmers, it's required code, it's been time intensive, and usually expensive.

This is ripe for disruption by agencies.

Agencies are well positioned in this space, because agencies understand the client’s business and their data. Helping a client create a closed loop in measuring their marketing, will in turn, encourage customers to invest more money in marketing services to drive more growth through marketing.

This creates opportunity for additional retainer marketing services around getting the most out of their marketing systems, and driving the marketing programs that are leading to the best results in conjunction with sales.

At Bedrock Data, we partner with agencies to help customers integrate their sales & marketing systems, at a fraction of the time of IT-driven integration projects.

We do this through a system of pre-built expert-level integrations across more than 50 different systems including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, ConnectWise, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot.

Plus, providing customers with a SaaS interface to self-manage integrations without code or complexity.

Together, Bedrock Data and agencies can shift integrations from custom, programmatic projects, to more of a plug-and-play configuration, where our on-boarding team, partnered with agencies, can rapidly deploy multi-directional, multi-system integrations, and help customers move to a common sales and marketing data set.

Specifically designed for the people that you're working with every day, marketers, marketing leaders, marketing operations, to be able to get their systems connected without requiring time intensive, expensive, IT driven engagements.

What does that all mean?

Your clients - non-technical users from marketing to sales to support to operations - now can get their systems integrated. And once integrated, they have the tools to manage it themselves.  

Because inevitably, things change. There's a new business process, there's a new way that sales want to receive leads, there's new information that sales wants to get on leads. There's new information that marketing wants to share with sales on leads.

With Bedrock Data marketers can make those integration adjustments themselves, at the click of a button. It's something that they can do without being stuck in an IT queue, which isn't going move at the pace that they need to run and drive their growth.

It’s a win for the agency, and a win for your clients.

Bedrock Data would love to partner with you, and provide your clients with a better way to integrate their data.

Get started with our partner program here, or reach out to me at Aaron@BedrockData.com.

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