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Zak Pines | October 28, 2016

How Bedrock Data Powers Up HubSpot

Bedrock Data recently reached an exclusive tier as a HubSpot Technology Partner with over 200 joint HubSpot customers.

Our customers pair Bedrock Data with HubSpot as part of three main use cases.

#1 is connecting HubSpot to an existing third-party CRM and enabling many features of HubSpot connected to CRM data, including Smart Content and full funnel reporting. HubSpot is a very powerful tool, even more powerful with the right underling data connected. 

#2 is automating leads pushed into HubSpot from multiple lead sources including event systems, webinar systems and email systems - ensuring the right data is getting into HubSpot without error-prone, manual data uploads. 

#3 is extending the reach of HubSpot to further 'downstream' systems to extend that full funnel reporting to areas including Service/Support, eCommerce and In App Messaging.  

All of these help ensure alignment between sales and marketing teams, supported by the right data. Happier sales colleagues, less bickering, better analytics.

For HubSpot-CRM integration, Bedrock Data automates integration of HubSpot with a range of CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM and ConnectWise.  This helps customers power up their HubSpot in the following ways:

#1 - More effective lead management with real-time delivery of leads to sales
Our customers use Bedrock Data to control criteria for when leads push to sales – usually based on a lead score or other qualification rules. The CRM record and HubSpot lead record remain in sync and pull back key activities for the HubSpot timeline – making the HubSpot timeline a unified view into the activities for that prospect/customer.

#2 - Leverage CRM data for targeting & personalization 
For most companies, a wealth of customer data lives inside the CRM. Marrying that data with HubSpot’s targeting and personalization capabilities helps these companies be more effective with their marketing.

In HubSpot, smart lists are automated lists you can create based on criteria. I’ve spoken to Bedrock Data customers who save themselves multiple hours each week because they no longer need to pull lists manually from their CRM.

There are several related capabilities this enables in HubSpot – one is triggering workflows based on data, so you can push a customer through a specific stream of emails based on a new customer status. And then, second is leveraging CRM data to personalize content or messaging on the website through HubSpot’s smart content.

 #3 - Full funnel analytics using CRM data
HubSpot offers very unique full funnel reporting allowing you to connect lead sources through to customers or even revenue. This data is powered by Deal data in HubSpot’s CRM. For those using third party CRMs, feeding that data back into HubSpot enables the powerful closed loop reporting that helps you reach one of the keys of Inbound marketing – which is able to determine which of your marketing investments are paying off. And by paying off, we mean truly paying off by tracking that through to opportunities, customers (wins) and $.

HubSpot’s Customer by Source report – connected to your CRM datacustomers-by-source.png HubSpot’s Revenue Drill Down – connected to your CRM data


 #4 - Sales gets visibility & intelligence in their CRM system
Sales reps get visibility into key HubSpot fields such as the conversion source and lead source, that help them understand the marketing interactions for leads that they are contacting.

For our second scenario above – multiple systems connected -- Bedrock Data customers connect a third, fourth and fifth system and using Bedrock Data’s workflow rules to manage the flow of leads through – pulling in data from lead sources such as webinars and events, determine when the leads push from HubSpot to CRM or other systems.

Some of the common systems we see incorporated are HubSpot + Event Systems (Cvent, Eventbrite), Webinar systems (WebEx, GoToWebinar) along with other marketing platforms such as email (MailChimp), power dialing (PhoneBurner) and in app messaging (Intercom).

If you are attending INBOUND, stop by the Bedrock Data booth for a first hand look at how Bedrock Data helps power up your HubSpot. Also check out our Lego contest – multiple ways to enter including right here below.

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