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Jeremy Martin | July 30, 2019

How Kodak Alaris Scales Sales & Marketing with Marketo, Dynamics, & Bedrock

Sue Rodeman is Director of Worldwide Marketing for Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business. She oversees digital content strategy, website, branding, product launches, and marketing automation. The need to integrate Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM brought her to Bedrock Data. We sat down with Sue to chat about Alaris and how optimizing their sync of sales and marketing data has helped transform their digital business. 


Background on Alaris

Zak: Can you start by giving background on Alaris?

Sue: Alaris is one of four businesses operating under parent company Kodak Alaris — a global technology company that spun off from Eastman Kodak Company in 2013. As a spin-off, we are privately held and independently run. We have a proud heritage in one of the world’s most trusted imaging brands. Today, we license the Kodak brand for our products and in our company name but we are a completely separate company.

While the Alaris business unit specializes in document capture, our other business units offer everything from retail photo printing kiosks, to traditional photographic supplies (like film, paper, and processing chemicals), to artificial intelligence-based software solutions to enable more efficient mortgage processing.


Zak: Could you tell me a bit about the business itself?

Sue: Alaris is a leading provider of information capture solutions that automate business processes. We exist to help the world make sense of information with smart, connected solutions powered by decades of image science innovation. Our award-winning range of scanners, software and services are sold in more than 20 countries and are available through our global network of channel partners. We are the worldwide market leader for production scanners. In 2018, our best in class scanner portfolio won the prestigious Scanner Line of the Year award from Buyers Lab for an unprecedented third consecutive year.


Zak: Who are your main customers?

Sue: As a global company, we sell to a number of different verticals such as finance, government, healthcare, and BPO organizations. In terms of the personas we sell to, usually these consist of CIOs, CFOs, and department managers. There are a few common threads among our customers including customer on-boarding, records managements, or forms processing. So whether you’re a big law office managing thousands of cases, one of many bank branches, or a huge mailroom, in the end you’re dealing with important data trapped in a lot of paperwork.


Zak: And what are your main responsibilities at Alaris?

Sue: I lead our WW Marketing team. On a typical day, I help to oversee our digital content strategy and inbound marketing programs, portfolio messaging and product launches, our website and our lead management processes which includes data governance, program attribution, and the systems integration between our marketing automation, Marketo, and our Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Running Sales & Marketing at Kodak Alaris

Zak: How does your sales process work? 

Sue: Kodak Alaris sells through a global network of channel partners. We generate leads, and distribute those leads to many partners. Our salespeople are managing the channel relationship with our partners, to help turn those leads into new customers.


Zak: Which systems are supporting that sales and marketing process?

Sue: We have several. First we started with the adoption of Marketo as our marketing automation tool. Our goal was to help our regional marketing teams engage with our partners and prospects, drive digital marketing programs and lead nurturing.

We have Marketo users, field marketers, spanned across our four global regions — the U.S. & Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia/Pacific. And then on the sales side we use Dynamics CRM to organize our sales activity. We’ve grown to a fairly sizable database, upwards of 150,000 leads and contacts, across those systems.

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Zak: What other systems do you use besides Marketo and Dynamics CRM? 

Sue: For SEO and paid search campaigns, we use WordStream; Google Analytics to measure web analytics; and Sitecore for web content management.


Marketo & Microsoft Dynamics Sync

Zak: How have you approached your Marketo-Microsoft Dynamics sync?

Sue: We wanted an expert to help us with the Marketo-Microsoft Dynamics sync. In the early days before this, we faced issues around bringing the right data across. For example, we were struggling to bring the salesperson data’s over to Marketo to allow us to do personalized communications to our contacts.

But at the same time, we didn’t want to deal with custom integrations. We wanted something standardized that we know would work. That’s why Bedrock was such a strong fit for us — it gave us a web-based software to manage the integration, plus an on boarding service to get the sync working well. 

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Zak: What are some of the examples of the kind of data you’re syncing?

Sue: In the Marketo to Microsoft Dynamics direction, we wanted complete data to allow us to build some key marketing dashboards in Dynamics. We also wanted to make sure we had the right fields to give Dynamics users context for the lead, in a simple way. We have custom fields on the Dynamics lead layout that gives them a good understanding of why they are receiving that lead, at a glance.

One of the key fields we’re mapping over is the acquisition program, which is a field a Marketo that we’ve mapped over to Dynamics. This tells them what this lead did to first engage with us. 


Zak: And how about from Dynamics back to Marketo? 

Sue: It’s a bi-directional sync, which is very important to us as it ensures on the Marketo side, we are always working with the latest, fresh CRM data for our campaigns.

We also can bring records that may be entered directly into Dynamics over to Marketo, matching up to their Marketo records, without creating duplicates.

And as I mentioned before, the salesperson owning the record in Dynamics is a key piece of data that we’re syncing back to Marketo. This allows us to personalized messages on behalf of that salesperson as we communicate with our prospects and customers.

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What’s Ahead 

Zak: Have you had to add new fields to your integration recently? 

Sue: Once we established a good baseline, we then decided to add a set of new fields that would help to supplement what we already had in place. We’re constantly reviewing the data we need across the two systems, to see if we can improve the process. Is there more information that could help our sales team, or our reporting, for example? The nice thing about the Bedrock sync software, is our marketing ops team can go in and add a new field mapping, which doesn’t require IT or developers to manage the integration.


Zak: What are some of your key initiatives around the data going forward?

Sue: Ultimately, our big goal at Alaris is to bring all the data from our systems together, in one place—to learn from and leverage it. We're focused on creating benchmarks that define what “good” is and how to continue to improve. ♦


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