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Zak Pines | December 22, 2016

How Thriveon integrates HubSpot & ConnectWise to grow their MSP business

Zak: Can you start by giving us background on Thriveon and what the company does?

Lori: Thriveon is an IT managed services company and we provide IT department as a service for a fixed monthly fee. As a part of our fully managed services our clients receive business level IT guidance through a virtual chief information officer. The vCIO meets regularly with clients to create IT strategy that includes a roadmap for improvement, and makes recommendations to both minimize risk and increase productivity of employees.

We are based in Minnesota and most of our customers are in the Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota area. We serve companies that have from 15 to 500 machines in many industries including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, healthcare, financial services, and law firms.

Zak: What is the role of marketing in your organization?

Lori: Marketing is playing an amplified role in our growth as we ramp marketing and demand generation efforts. Today that includes content marketing and our website – which we refreshed earlier this year using the HubSpot COS – coupled with paid search, email marketing, PR earned media and events. I also work very closely with inside and outside sales to support their relationship building with content.

Zak: What is the overall sales, marketing and support systems landscape for Thriveon?

Lori: ConnectWise is our main line of business software. A lot of our key business processes - ranging from support tickets to proposals to invoices - are managed through ConnectWise. It’s also where our customer data is managed, and the system used by our sales team.

HubSpot has now become our marketing system – we manage our website and all of our email marketing through HubSpot. Some of our other marketing tools include GoToWebinar as a webinar platform, and HotJar for user behavior and interaction tracking.

Zak: How do you manage leads and data between HubSpot and ConnectWise?

Lori: HubSpot captures those leads and we have rules for what determines leads to be marketing qualified. Once marketing qualified, we push the lead from HubSpot to the inside sales team using ConnectWise.

If the inside sales team determines more nurturing is required for a lead, they will update the lead status to nurture, which will trigger an email nurture campaign managed through HubSpot.

There is a lot of data back-and-forth between ConnectWise and HubSpot, all of which is managed through our Bedrock Data integration.

Zak: What are some of the intricacies of the data you are pulling back from ConnectWise to HubSpot?

Lori: We have fields in ConnectWise that don’t map to typical fields in HubSpot, so they require us to map custom fields through Bedrock Data. That includes a ‘company type’ field as well as a ‘support type’ field. It also includes a field we use to indicate if a contact is inactive – our inside sales team will mark that flag in ConnectWise, so that in HubSpot I can use that to exclude these inactive contacts from follow-up email campaigns.

Zak: What are some of the specific ways HubSpot is helping you?

Lori: It allows me to work fast. When it comes to my website, I can make changes to my website and create new landing pages and blog posts very quickly. When I want to try out some new keywords for Adwords, I can have a landing page and associated workflow set up in a very short amount of time.

When it comes to my database, I use HubSpot’s smart lists and smart campaigns to segment the database. It’s much faster for me to do this in HubSpot, automatically pulling in the ConnectWise data through Bedrock Data, than if I were to have to manually organize and pull that data in ConnectWise, which would be very time consuming. It’s empowering for me as a marketer to build lists in HubSpot using our customer data synchronized from ConnectWise.

Zak: In addition to making it faster for you to work with your ConnectWise customer data, how else is Bedrock Data helping you?

Lori: Bedrock Data helps keep the marketing and sales teams aligned, giving us the data that we need without having to spend a lot of time sorting through information that we don’t need. It gives me as the marketer what I need in HubSpot, while giving our sales and service teams what they need in ConnectWise. So it’s a win-win for everybody.

Any time you have manually work with a list, the task can quickly turn into a time hole. With the way that we have set up our Bedrock Data integration, I don’t have to spend extra time managing our lists, and that gives me more time to do the things that have the most impact on our business.

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