Adrian Mott | November 18, 2014

How to Use Marketo Sales Insight to Align Sales and Marketing

budget-planning-piggy-bankOne way to achieve this alignment is through Marketo Sales Insight: an application for Salesforce that allows your team to better understand, prioritize and communicate with hot leads. By providing details on a lead’s engagement to this point, such as downloading an ebook or attending a webinar, Sales Insights arms your sales team with the data needed to make informed communication with a potential customer and generate revenue faster.

With this tool, data from strategic marketing initiatives are fed directly into a contact’s record, allowing sales reps to understand a lead’s needs at every phase of the buyer’s journey.

how to integrate marketo

Marketo Sales Insight is available through the AppExchange and doesn’t require any additional training to use, since it is built right into the native Salesforce platform. However, installing the application can be tricky, so make sure to consult an expert before you begin.

Once the application is installed, your sales team can get to work targeting the best leads in order to close sales more quickly.

4 Ways to Use Marketo Sales Insight:

  1. Prioritize Leads to Pursue

You can determine which leads are more likely to become paying customers based on their online activity. Traditionally, this is done through lead scoring, a mechanism by which you assign a score to every lead that completes some sort of activity on your website, whether it’s clicking an email, visiting a landing page, downloading an offer or attending a webinar. By setting up lead scoring and designating a certain threshold at which a lead become “hot”, your marketing team can determine when sales reps should reach out to a prospect.

With Marketo Sales Insight, you are able to view your Hot Leads and Best Bets to follow up with first. This allows sales to prioritize where to spend their time, determine which customers to pursue and understand what products or components of your business the customer is most interested in.

  1. Monitor Interesting Moments

By setting up lead scoring and tracking customers’ online activity, your sales team will be able to gain insight into what Marketo calls “interesting moments”. These moments are used to identify certain behaviors that may indicate a prospect’s willingness to purchase. Your sales team can also stay up-to-date on prospects’ web activity by receiving real-time alerts on leads and contacts via email and Chatter.

  1. Track Web Activity to Buying Cycle

Marketo Sales Insight is all about focusing your sales efforts on the prospects who are closest to making a purchasing decision. The application allows you to drill down into lead activities to identify engagement levels. You can also monitor email open rates, web page visits and other activities to fully understand a prospect’s unique needs. This not only allows sales to focus on certain hot prospects but also provides context for the conversation.

  1. Send Smart Campaigns

Sometimes leads still need nurturing, even after an initial sales contact has been made. Because you can connect your Salesforce and Marketo platforms, you can send targeted marketing and email campaigns to further engage your prospects. Called “Smart Campaigns”, these Marketo-based marketing and email campaigns are designed to engage, nurture and convert leads based on the insights received. Tracking data and metrics allow you to see which components are the most successful and which lead to higher conversion rates.


Benefits of Marketo Sales Insight

Marketo Sales Insight is designed to provide intelligent information about your leads and increase the efficiency by which your sales team can operate. Because the scoring mechanism prioritizes leads for you in a real-time dashboard, your sales reps don’t have to waste valuable time sifting through data and sorting out which leads to follow up on.

The program also allows for on-the-go activity, allowing your sales team to log in remotely and receive alerts via email, mobile notifications or text alert. 

Lastly, Marketo Sales Insight allows for you to truly practice Smarketing techniques. Because the program allows you to send personalized, trackable emails from Salesforce and assign leads to marketing campaigns, each team is able to help the other achieve its goals. All of which leads to a more productive and profitable business.

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