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The Bedrock Data Product Team | March 21, 2017

Now You Can Connect Eventbrite Registrants to Marketo Programs Using Bedrock Data


Nothing delays marketing automation like downloading data from one system and uploading it into another system.

Take the upcoming event you’re managing through Marketo.

Every morning, you download the registration list from Eventbrite and upload it into Marketo. Then, you spend time figuring out which of the registrants are new leads vs existing leads, run an update to set the program status to “registered,” and manually sift through the cancellations.

You do all this extra work because Marketo and Eventbrite don’t talk to each other.

Your frequent data downloads are motivated by the fact that you want to:

  • Catch new registrants
  • Have accurate reporting
  • Get Ned off your back about the updated headcount

We’ve been there too.

And that’s exactly why we built an Eventbrite - Marketo Integration. So you can focus on sending tailored emails, building smartlists, and other Marketo Program activities.

Just set up an event in Eventbrite, a Program in Marketo, connect the two systems in Bedrock Data, and you’re all set to go (you just need a Bedrock Data account).

Here’s how it works.


How To Add & Update Eventbrite Registrants To Marketo With Bedrock Data

Step One: Select Connectors

Bedrock Data has over 50 connectors available. To connect Eventbrite and Marketo, select them from the drop-down and hit “install.”



Step Two: Select Fields to Map between Eventbrite & Marketo

The mapping function carries over any information asked on a registration form like title, company, email, and even attendee status changes. Our onboarding team works one-on-one with each of our customers to confirm that all the correct fields are mapped.


Step Three: Set Up Workflows

This is where we tell Bedrock Data what specific info to sync. Because we want attendees from an Eventbrite event to be listed as members of a specific Marketo Program, we’ve selected the fields that will enable that.

This workflow adds event specific Eventbrite registrants to a Marketo Program so we can set up smartlists in Marketo, send targeted email content, or set lead scoring based on that program. 


This second workflow is set up to update the status of a Marketo Program member when their status changes in Eventbrite. In this case, the status we’re asking Bedrock Data to update is for canceled registrants.

This workflow updates a Marketo Program member’s status triggered by an Eventbrite status change so cancellations are tracked in Marketo.



See A Video Walk-Through Of The Eventbrite - Marketo Integration


A Recap Of How Bedrock Data Works

  • Marketo leads are pushed from Eventbrite (goodbye spreadsheets!)
  • Data synced every 5 minutes
  • Updates made to Marketo Programs:
    • Existing Marketo contacts are updated (no duplicate contacts!)
    • New Marketo contact are created if they don’t exist
    • A Marketo member’s status changes


Think you're ready to integrate Eventbrite & Marketo? Let’s get you set up with Bedrock Data.

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