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November 7, 2018

To make money, a business must answer questions like, “What did we sell?” “When did we sell it?” “Where did we sell it?” “What did we sell with it?” and “Who sold it?”

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Feed SQL Data to Your Custom Applications

November 5, 2018

Virtually every business of any size has some unique customized applications. You could want a webinar attendance to trigger your call center two days later. Or you might...

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Using Python with Fusion

November 1, 2018

Python is an excellent programming tool for data analysis. It's friendly, pragmatic, mature and complemented by excellent third party packages that were designed to deal...

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5 Reasons Why a Cloud Data Warehouse Beats An On-Premise Data Warehouse

October 9, 2018

As a single source of truth, data warehousing ingests, transforms, and stores data for easy analytics access. But data warehousing is undergoing a major transition with...

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Analyze and Visualize Fusion in Chartio

September 26, 2018

Over the past year, Chartio has become very popular among analysts and marketers. Simple and intuitive, Chartio allows you to connect Fusion in under a minute. Let's take...

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How to Query Your Data Warehouse in SQL

August 29, 2018

New to SQL? Already know SQL but looking to step up your game? Regardless of your skill level in SQL, this guide will help you to explore your data warehouse and...

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Using Fusion with Google Data Studio

August 22, 2018

Let's say you're a marketer doing some research. You want to know if there's a tool that can easily extract HubSpot data or Salesforce data, maybe even your saved searches...

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[WEBINAR] How to Finally Overcome the Salesforce Leads-Contacts Conundrum

August 22, 2018

In case you missed our latest webinar, you can watch the recording in which Bedrock Data's VP of Marketing, Zak Pines explores how to:

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SQL for Marketers

August 14, 2018

If employers judge you by your skills, then adding even one skill — like SQL — can make a big difference in your paycheck.

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How Hashpath Makes Products From Data

August 2, 2018

Seth Rosen is the founder of Hashpath, a consulting firm focused on product management, strategy, and analytics. Prior to Hashpath, he held senior product roles at Drync,...

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How to Tell Customer Stories with Data Visualization

July 24, 2018

  Of all the information our mind can process, 90% is taken in through the eyes. But visual information isn't processed equally. Text, for example, is far harder to...

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