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Lisa Falcone | August 4, 2015

Unlocking Knowledge and Enhancing Collaboration With Data Integration

Data integration

What is a Public or Open API?

Open API allows for third party development projects without opening up the entire source code like software developers do when developing shareware or freeware.  With Open API they maintain their ownership of the product.

Open API is an acronym for Application Program Interface. It is a software application that acts as a intermediarybetween a proprietary software package and a software developer. The Open API gives the programmer access to part of, but not all of, the proprietary code that makes up one of these systems. The developer/programmer can then develop another product entirely by accessing the proprietary code. This allows for development projects that would be difficult or impossible without the Open API. 

Why Do Companies Release Open APIs?

Data integration

Open API makes it possible to get tons more features and functionality out of a single  software product, making it more valuable to customers. 

Open APIs are published openly on the Internet for developers to use. It's an excellent incentive for software development companies, because it allows them to open their products up to third party development efforts, thereby making their product more useful and valuable, while allowing them to retain their proprietary exclusiveness to the complete code. In other words, they do not have to be a free, not for profit product like most open source code software is.

How APIs Benefit Knowledge Enhancement and Collaboration With Data Integration


So, how does this relate back to data integration and how it unlocks knowledge and enhances collaboration? Bedrock is one of those third party development companies, and they used Open APIs to unlock part of the proprietary code for data generation and collection products like Salesforce, other CRMs, finance software, marketing software, customer service software, and more, and developed tools to extract data from each of these and integrate it into the others. The result is active synchronizing of real time data among those different software solutions for a more complete, thorough, accurate picture of the company's data as a whole.

With this tool, companies can then begin to assimilate all of their data from disparate sources around the organization and consolidate it for a clear picture of business intelligence, customer service, marketing efforts, finance activities, and more. This allows for better collaboration among different departments as well as better decision making at the top.

From the marketing department to finance, the product research and development department to operations, Bedrock Data's innovative solution can revolutionize the way you do business. To learn more about Bedrock Data's solution, visit our homepage today.

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