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Zak Pines | June 8, 2017

What’s Better Than Connecting 2 Sales & Marketing Systems? How About Connecting 3+.



With the explosion of MarTech systems (5,000+ at the latest content at the MarTech conference) marketers are pulling their hair out with more and more systems. Even those that have consolidated their technologies are dealing with a marketing automation system, a CRM system, and several specialized tools like webinar systems.

Managing consistent data between these tools has significant payoff in terms of closed loop reporting, avoiding mistakes or confusion between departments, and delivering a consistent, accurate, well targeted experience for prospects and customers.

The more systems you can connect, the more it’s going to help you.

That’s why on our webinar with Eden Penman (Head of Marketing at Looking Point), we loved not only hearing how she’s using HubSpot with ConnectWise to drive revenue from customers, but she’s also seeing the benefit of connecting PhoneBurner to also automate the tie in to her inside sales team.

The following are excerpts from the conversation held between Zak Pines, our VP of Marketing at Bedrock Data and Eden.


Zak: As if that wasn't enough, you also told me "We have a third system that we've connected in through Bedrock Data." Can you share that part.

Eden: In the past we used InsideSales.com and we found it was its own platform and didn’t integrate with the rest of our systems.

We have a small inside sales team. They're very very aligned with marketing because they're not managing accounts, they're just getting into new accounts. They are calling as an additional touch to any marketing emails or blogs or content that's going out.

From a list in PhoneBurner, our team can dial quickly. You hit dial, you hit dial, you hit dial and it allows email templates, you just hit a button that says, "Send security template." Or with voicemails. If you get a voicemail you don't have to leave a voicemail every time now, you just hit "security voicemail," "collaboration voicemail," "second follow-up voicemail."

You prerecord them, you send it and it makes the dials so instead of calling 20 people a day you're now calling 80-100 people a day.

We've set up an integration that anytime a call is made in PhoneBurner, a closed activity is pushed into ConnectWise so we have it there for reporting purposes. We can see what our inside sales team is doing. If they have a conversation, they update the status. If they have followups they can set that, and they get activity reminders and notifications in ConnectWise.

So all they're doing from PhoneBurner is dialing. It prevents us from reporting here, reporting there, reporting in all these different platforms. We're using all of their services and we've got one dashboard that shows us everything, which is so amazing for me as a marketer and for our CEO to track what's happening. We can see what's going on, what's the value, how much outreach did we do, what's the success in calling or in a campaign we ran that we followed up on with calls.

Zak: What I find, Eden, is when your systems are connected, then you know you've got the right data, and then you're spending time on answering questions like, "How do we improve this or how do we improve that?" So you're not spending time collecting data and organizing data and correcting data, you're able to get into the real actions of measuring your performance and improving your performance.

Eden: Exactly.


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