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Fuse all the world’s data

Bedrock Data gives teams ready access to all their cloud application data in a format they can use for real-time analytics. By automating data prep and building a warehouse for our customers, we simplify how teams do business so that they can focus on decisions that truly matter.

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Great location

Bedrock is located in beautiful downtown Boston. Ride the subway for free or bike to work.


Brilliant Coworkers

Brainstorm and white board with some of the coolest geeks in Boston. And have fun doing it.


Flexible Vacation

Take as much time as you need, when you need it. We trust you.


Great Salary & Benefits

Bedrock Data rewards great work with great compensation. We offer excellent medical and dental insurance, and a generous share package.


Customer Driven

We prize quality customer experience over growth any day of the week.



We are data artists and scientists. At Bedrock, you work the best and brightest.