The best marketers and executives wonder where their next dollar will go. They ask: Should we invest in talent or campaigns? How can we close more, and better deals?

Closed-loop reporting holds the answers to these questions. By connecting marketing to sales data, automation tools and CRMs speak one language. Marketers see which relationships drive more ROI, while sales reps enjoy superior lead sources.

Closed-loop reporting gives marketing teams a seat at the investment table.

There are two ways companies can achieve closed loop reporting — for which Bedrock Data offers two products, Sync and Fusion.

Sync helps you bring sales data from CRMs back into marketing systems such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot — and populate data for closed loop reporting in those systems.

Fusion helps you extract normalized data from your marketing and sales systems, and feed into a SQL data warehouse where you can build your own reports.