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Align your sales & support teams with a Connectwise Integration for Salesforce®

  • Sync and de-duplicate key data including accounts & contacts
  • No code whatsoever to map your data & manage your rules when integrating Salesforce and ConnectWise
  • Uses ConnectWise’s REST API
  • Certified ConnectWise partner featured in ConnectWise Marketplace
  • "System of record" rules to manage data conflicts


Sync data between Salesforce and ConnectWise

Get consistent data between Salesforce and ConnectWise by keeping accounts, contacts and opportunities in sync.

Wizard setup to manage your data mapping & rules

There’s no code required to integrate Salesforce and ConnectWise. Our tools allow you to map your fields and control rules such as system of record for each.

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Keep your teams aligned across ConnectWise & Salesforce

Your sales team in Salesforce and your support team in ConnectWise will never have to wonder ‘which system has the right information?’ again.
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Use "System of Record" rule to manage data conflicts

Choose a "System of Record" - either ConnectWise or Salesforce - to provide rules for how to handle data conflicts.

You have the flexibility to manage this rule on a per field basis.

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Object Mappings



Account (Read, Create, Update)
Company (Read, Create, Update)


Lead (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)


Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)


Case (Read, Create, Update)
Ticket (Read, Create, Update)


Activity (Read, Create, Update)
Activity (Read, Create)

Read = Bedrock Data can pull data for use in another system
Create = Bedrock Data can create a new record in this system
Update = Bedrock Data can update existing records in this system

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