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Bedrock Data adds Activity Sync to help marketing & sales teams get a unified view of their customer interactions

Posted by Zak Pines on Jul 19, 2016 10:36:34 AM

Most companies are challenged to maintain a unified view of their customer interactions, as these customer activities take place across a range of systems spanning multiple functions and departments -- marketing, sales and more.

Bedrock Data’s latest feature release to its Data Integration Hub is an Activity Sync feature which helps customers address this challenge. With Activity Sync, the relevant customer and prospect activities become visible to all members of your team across all functions and systems, which in turn helps those functions improve their effectiveness and alignment.

  • Do your sales reps want to make their prospect conversations more relevant by knowing when they download content, attend a webinar or view product-specific or purchase-specific web pages?
  • Does your BDR team want to prioritize lead follow up by knowing which prospects recently engaged with product-specific content?
  • Does your marketing team want to know when sales reps send emails to prospects or customers, so that you don’t inundate that person with too many overlapping messages?
  • Would your marketing team be more effective if it could measure lead performance and manage follow-up programs based on sales call activity?

Bedrock Data’s Activity Sync allows its power users to transfer marketing and website activities, webinar attendance, call and email activity, onsite sales visit data and other information across all of your integrated systems.  Power users can map activity data across multiple systems including CRM, marketing automation, event management, webinars and more.  

It’s just as easy to set up Activity Sync as any other object in Bedrock Data - a quick trip through the auto-map interface and you’re ready to go.  There’s no code to write and no complicated logic to set up - no IT or engineering resources are required.

Here’s three specific integration scenarios with screenshots of how it works for your users:

1) Integrating Marketo with NetSuite 

Your marketing team is using Marketo and wants to push key marketing activities (Interesting Moments) to be visible to the sales team in NetSuite.

These Marketo Interesting Moments, such as viewing a product web page or attending a product webinar....Marketo-Interesting-Moments.png

.... can now be synced to NetSuite for clear visibilty by sales reps.


We are using Marketo and NetSuite integration as the example here, this applies to many marketing automation / CRM combinations (see list of supported systems below).

2) Integrating SugarCRM with HubSpot 

Your sales team is using SugarCRM with HubSpot and your teams are using HubSpot's contact timeline for a unified view of prospect activity. Push back a sales email or conversation to give visibility to marketing, while also pushing marketing activities to sales in the CRM.

Activities that your sales rep log via SugarCRM (phone calls, connections, emails)....


... can now be automatically synced to your HubSpot Contact Timeline, ensuring both HubSpot and SugarCRM have a complete view of customer interactions. 


3) Integrating Eventbrite with SalesForce

You are using Eventbrite to manage events and want to share visibility around those events to your sales team in SalesForce. 

An Eventbrite event...


... can be pushed to SalesForce to give your sales team visibility. 


These are just three of the potential use cases. Activity Sync is designed to improve effectiveness, alignment and visibility across your departments and functions.

We can support any combination of the systems listed below.

Sales CRM:

  • Connectwise
  • Insightly
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • Pipedrive
  • PipelineDeals
  • SalesForce
  • SugarCRM
  • VTiger
  • Zoho

Marketing Automation & Event Management:

  • Cvent
  • Eventbrite
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Webex

Sales Enhancement:

  • Phoneburner
  • QuotaFactory
  • Repsly

Want to know more?  

If you’re an existing customer, contact our support team to get started.

If you’re not a customer, contact our team to get started.


Update September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics, Vtiger and PhoneBurner have been added to the above list which all now have activity support.

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