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Zak Pines | December 30, 2016

Bedrock Data adds HubSpot Timelines support, enabling deeper segmentation on data from connected systems

Bedrock Data has deepened its support for HubSpot with the launch of Timeline activities support. This allows customers to deepen their segmentation and targeting based on prospects’ activities in connected systems, such as how prospects have engaged in events managed through Cvent or Eventbrite, or webinars managed through WebEx or GoToMeeting.

This integration is now available to the several hundred Bedrock Data and HubSpot customers who use Bedrock Data to manage connectors with HubSpot and one or more SaaS systems including CRM, webinars, events and support.

This HubSpot Timeline integration adds more capabilities around the HubSpot-Cvent integration -- including tracking and reporting on Cvent registrants directly in HubSpot, and triggering Cvent registration follow up emails through HubSpot.


Activities from connected systems appear on the HubSpot Timeline, and can be segmented using HubSpot's standard smart list functionality 

Four ways HubSpot Timeline integration helps you do more with HubSpot

Bedrock Data’s HubSpot Timeline integration helps HubSpot users do more with HubSpot along with the systems they’ve connected to HubSpot through Bedrock Data.

#1 - Segment & report on your HubSpot-CRM database based on activities
HubSpot Timelines allows users to build smart lists based on activities synced from connected systems. This means you can segment your database both for use in targeted campaigns and ad hoc reporting (using smart lists) to answer questions such as:

Event Registration – crossed with HubSpot or CRM data

  • Who registered for XYZ event in Cvent (or Eventbrite, or WebEx)?
  • Of the registrations for XYZ event, how many are prospects who are not yet MQls? How many are existing customers?

Sales/BDR Activities – identify gaps

  • Which MQLs have not received a phone call from BDRs since XXX date?
  • Which customers from a specific segment (e.g. those who qualify for an upsell program) have not received a phone call since XXX date

#2 - Enhance the HubSpot contact record as the central record of activities on a prospect or customer
Using the HubSpot Timelines, you can populate all related interactions across your connected systems to give a more complete view.

  • Add event, CRM and other third party system data (e.g. Phone Burner) to ensure the HubSpot contact record provides a complete picture of prospect/customer activities
  • For all Bedrock Data HubSpot-CRM integrations, the public contact link is accessible by sales team via field in CRM system
#3 - Trigger event confirmation & reminder emails (for third-party event systems) - & customize based on HubSpot or CRM data

Sending event related emails through HubSpot gives marketers more control, flexibility and tracking around the emails.

HubSpot emails are trackable like all marketing emails – both to provide individual and aggregate metrics on effectiveness.

Sending event emails through HubSpot allows for tailoring the emails e.g. based on prospect vs. customer, or industry.

As these HubSpot timeline activities are available as standard data like smart lists, you can use triggers to build follow up email flows from activities such as:

  • Cvent event registrations
  • Eventbrite orders
  • WebEx registrations
#4 - Increase coordinated activities with BDRs (e.g. account based marketing campaigns)

This is another case where you can use HubSpot timelines as event triggers, combined with Bedrock Data, to build more coordination in your campaigns - in these cases alongside a CRM or outbound phone system such as Phone Burner.

HubSpot emails are trackable like all marketing emails – both to provide individual and aggregate metrics on effectiveness.

  • Trigger a HubSpot email as part of a CRM task assigned to BDR to call a prospect – for cases where you want prospecting emails sent ahead of a call
  • Trigger a HubSpot email after a BDR leaves a voicemail for a prospect – for cases where you want a prospecting email sent following a voicemail

FAQ on Bedrock Data’s support for HubSpot Timelines

Q: I’m using HubSpot Engagements; what is the difference?

A: HubSpot Engagements pre-dates the HubSpot Timeline. Data synced via either method will appear on the HubSpot contact record as part of the activity history; however HubSpot Engagement do not have the segmentation capabilities that HubSpot Timelines do. Going forward we recommend using HubSpot Timelines to give you the greater segmentation capabilities described in this article.

Q: What are the customization options for HubSpot Timelines?

A: Items on a HubSpot Timeline can be categorized either as registration, attendance or timeline events (generic).  

The standard available fields are:

  • Name (EventTitle)
  • Description (EventDescription)
  • Registration URL (EventURL)
  • Key time stamps - OccuredAt, registrationDate, attendanceDate

There are also up to five available custom fields, which can be used for data such as geographic location or registration type.

Q: For what CRMs / power dialers can activities be synced to HubSpot timelines via Bedrock Data?

A: ConnectWise, Dynamics, Insightly, NetSuite (uses calendar event), PhoneBurner, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals (uses Note), QuotaFactory, Salesforce, SugarCRM (uses Note), Vtiger (uses Event), Zoho

Q: For what CRMs can tasks be used to trigger HubSpot emails via Bedrock Data and using this HubSpot timeline?

A: Insightly, Dynamics, Salesforce  & Zoho

Q: For what event systems can data be synced to HubSpot Timelines via Bedrock Data?

A: Cvent (registrations), Eventbrite (orders) & WebEx (history)

Q: How can existing Bedrock Data customers take advantage of this functionality?

A: The HubSpot object to map into your system is called HubSpot Timelines. You can either map this yourself or contact our support team support@bedrockdata.com for assistance.

Q: How can HubSpot users not using Bedrock Data take advantage of this functionality?

A: Contact our sales team if you are interested in discussing how to take advantage of these HubSpot Timeline capabilities for CRM, events, webinars or support systems that you’d like to connect to HubSpot.

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