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Zak Pines | February 24, 2017

Coordinating Your Event Marketing & Marketing Automation Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Event marketing and marketing automation are two critical components of an effective demand generation strategy.

Email and live events are the top two top rated demand generation channels after all.

And with Bedrock Data’s latest release on Feb. 14, 2017, coordinating your event marketing and marketing automation just got a whole lot easier.

Here’s why.


What’s new with the Bedrock Data Cvent connector

Bedrock Data’s Cvent connector added these key capabilities:

  • Access to custom fields for contacts, events, and sessions
  • Ability to create activities from event registration & attendance into a connected marketing automation and/or CRM system
  • Ability to create activities from session registration & attendance into a connected marketing automation and/or CRM system

Some of the common systems we see customers connect to Cvent are marketing automation systems such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and InfusionSoft, and CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and ConnectWise.


Common scenario for Cvent and Marketing Automation or CRM system integration

Here is a common set of steps for what’s possible when you connecting Cvent to your marketing automation or CRM systems.

Let’s say we’re running a user conference for Bedrock Data customers.


Step 1: Target leads & contacts from your marketing automation and/or CRM systems for invitations

Bedrock Data enables a multi-directional sync of contacts between Cvent and your marketing automation and/or CRM data. So as you are targeting your invite list in Cvent, you have all of your leads and contacts from your connected systems already available in Cvent - without having to deal with data uploads or manual imports between systems.


Step 2: Capture Contact Data Using Custom Fields on the Registration Form

A customer then replies to the email invitation and registers for the event.

We can create custom fields for any specific information we want to capture on the Cvent registration form and this data can be mapped to fields in our marketing automation system - thanks to the support for custom fields in both Cvent and the connecting systems.

This means we can leverage our events in Cvent to progressively profile customers and/or prospects.

In our case, let’s say we ask a question: “What is your top priority for integrating sales & marketing systems?”

And we provide answers: a) improving sales & marketing alignment, b) improving conversion rates, c) generating full funnel analytics or d) getting more out of our CRM database.

Bedrock Data can take the answer to this question out of Cvent and into the marketing automation and/or CRM systems so that sales and marketing teams can then use that data for scoring and segmentation.


Cvent Event Registration Form, showing the custom field "Registrations Question" via a drop down




Step 3: Sync Contacts to Marketing Automation--With No Duplicates

Once a contact completes their registration, this contact record syncs to the marketing automation system. Bedrock Data’s multi-directional sync process will check the email address against your existing database. We use email address matching so that we create a new record for a new email address or update the existing record if the email already exists.

Want a chance to review your CVent data before you sync it to your marketing or sales systems?

No problem.

We make this easy--just add a custom field to the contact record for “sync to marketing” or “sync to sales”.

Bedrock Data can set up a workflow that only transfers contact records after this field has been selected. This gives your team a chance to review your registrants and make any corrections. For example, if a person registered using a personal email address but your marketing automation system runs on business email addresses, you’ll have a chance to update that before transferring the data.


Cvent contact field, showing "Contact Custom Fields"

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.27.38 PM.png



Step 4: Session Registration

In Cvent you also have the option of allowing your user conference registrants to also register for specific sessions. Bedrock Data can also access this data for connecting to the marketing automation or CRM systems.

So let’s say the user conference has break-out sessions on data integration best practices and customer success stories - you will also be able to access and sync data related to registering and attending those sessions to your connected systems.


Step 5: Event & Session Info Added as Activities in Marketing Automation

Bedrock Data will take both the aforementioned event and session registration data, and sync that to your connecting systems as activities.

This creates visibility for the users of those systems; your marketing team can segment your client base using event activity, and your sales team can target their conversation based on the contact’s event behavior.

Custom fields on both sessions and events let us pass additional information to these activity records, such as session title, time, and speaker.

Cvent event & session registrations pushed to Salesforce CRM as activities 


Step 6: Segmenting Event Data in the Marketing Automation or CRM System

For Marketing Automation or CRM systems that have capabilities of segmenting on this type of activity data, you can further leverage this data in those systems for event reporting or target lists.

A good example of this is HubSpot’s Timeline features – in this article here we talk about how HubSpot Timelines can be leveraged as part of our HubSpot-Cvent integration. As you’ll see from that article, pairing HubSpot Timelines with this deep Cvent integration is a powerful pairing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pairing Cvent with marketing automation ensures you have consistent and automatically updated contact data between the two systems
  • Transferring registration and attendance from the event system to sales & marketing provides other teams with visibility into event behavior
  • Custom field information provides more detail on registrants
  • The Cvent-HubSpot integration  pairing is especially powerful, taking advantage of HubSpot Timelines for event data segmentation and reporting

Are you looking to integrate a marketing automation or CRM to Cvent?

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