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Customer Use Case Example: HubSpot & ConnectWise

Posted by Zak Pines on Sep 7, 2016 2:33:30 PM

This customer use case features  our recent Bedrock Data product update to use ConnectWise's REST API, now featured in the ConnectWise marketplace as a certified partner for both Salesforce and any CRM or marketing automation

The use case below shows how Bedrock Data can enable a lead flow as below:

  1. Marketing manages leads from multiple lead sources within HubSpot
  2. Once qualified, the lead is passed to sales team using ConnectWise.

Let’s show how it works:

Step 1: New lead begins in HubSpot


Step 2: One qualfied, the lead syncs to ConnectWise and is assigned to sales rep there. 


Step 3: The lead record is kept in sync with HubSpot, for a closed loop picture of the lead and the resulting outcomes (opportunity conversion, $) for HubSpot analytics


And if you are not yet a Bedrock Data customer and interested in integrating your SaaS systems, let us know and we can help.

Topics: HubSpot, ConnectWise

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