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Zak Pines | January 16, 2018

Fusion: Early Access Program


We here at Bedrock are thrilled to invite all customers to join the Early Access Program for our new Fusion product.

What is Fusion?

Fusion automates your data pipeline. Once you connect one or more SaaS applications, you can automatically fuse disparate datasets -- including matching, de-duplicating, resolving data conflicts & modeling. This fused SQL dataset is stored in a warehouse and free to feed your analytics, BI or reporting tools including Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight, MetaBase and more.

Fusion records diagram


Why Fuse Records?

Fusing records saves time by automating data wrangling. Fusion cleans and unifies the raw data objects and fields to build a raw dataset, with all records and fields for a given system. Then, because data are still siloed, Fusion forges relationships between those raw datasets from each system. So if you have a contact record in one system and contact record in another, the fused record merges and normalizes the contact record, effectively cleaning your data. That way, your SQL output contains zero repeats and consistent formats. Raw datasets are merged and normalized into one fused record.

Who’s the Early Access Program for?

Fusion is for any current customer looking to unify their customer lifecycle data and put an end to the time-intensive process of data wrangling. Any current customer who wants to automatically feed their dashboards, reports & BI tools with this unified customer lifecycle data is an ideal fit for the Fusion Early Access Program.

How Long Will It Last?

Several weeks, leading up to our public release of Fusion.

Is it free?

Yes, the Early Access Program is a free trial of the software.

Can I Give Feedback?

Yes, this is a key part of the early access program! We’ll invite you to a Community Forum we’re using to launch the product. As we gather feedback, we’ll incorporate into future iterations. Feedback is an integral part of improving the product, so we look forward to co-creating with you.

Bedrock Sign Up


How Do I Join?

Get in touch with your Bedrock Account Manager to get your custom sign up URL. You can work with our Customer Success Team to give you a general guide to this process. We’ll likely schedule a phone call to talk about hooking up your Fusion warehouse and setting up your user account. If you’re not sure who to contact, you can sign up here.

How does Fusion relate to the Sync product?

The two products are complementary and can be used independently or together. They share the concept of automatically connecting to your SaaS applications, and bringing data together across those systems for consistent usage.

Our Sync product is centered around getting that data into other connected systems, for use in those systems. For example - “I want to get HubSpot data into NetSuite for sales visibility. I want to get NetSuite data into HubSpot for targeting via smart lists, and closed loop reporting”.

Our new Fusion product gets consolidated data out of your applications so you can feed it for use in data warehouses, analytics, reporting and dashboards. 

Here’s a diagram to show the two processes side by side:



Some common use cases include:

  • Feeding application data into other softwares for analytics, reporting, warehousing or dashboards
  • Centralizing customer data across multiple applications (360-degree view of customer plus useful for compliance initiatives such as GDPR)
  • Building your own flexible reporting such as closed loop reporting looking at initiatives (marketing, account management, customer success) connected to revenue or profit
  • Analytics that span multiple applications (e.g. “how many at risk, high value customers are approaching renewal terms?”)
  • Modernizing your company’s ETL process

Join our Early Access Program today. 

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