BST Solutions uses Bedrock Data to integrate over 200,000 records between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

BST Solutions had an integration problem on their hands and they knew it right away after purchasing HubSpot's marketing platform.  Their core business focuses on integrating safety measures into companies in industries like chemicals, mining and oil & gas.  To support their growth, BST has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable their sales reps to track and close deals.  Their marketing team uses HubSpot's marketing platform for email marketing and automation campaigns.  They also use Cvent's event management platform to handle the ticketing and event management for their annual Safety in Action conference.

Because of these disparate systems that manage different priorities for their business, BST needed a way to enable the data to flow from Cvent into HubSpot, as well as to and from HubSpot and Dynamics CRM.  It was clear from the start to BST that the Dynamics CRM/HubSpot integration needed to be "bidirectional," which would enable leads and lead analytics data from BST's website to sync and automatically update in Dynamics CRM.  BST's sales reps would benefit greatly from getting this lead information quickly and fully enriched with helpful activity data from their marketing efforts.

On the flip side, BST needed to sync back updates from records in Dynamics so that their HubSpot marketing campaigns could be truly automated across the board, as records in their CRM were changing.

After a short search for an integration provider, BST Solutions chose Bedrock Data to handle their bidirectional Dynamics CRM HubSpot Integration.




About BST Solutions

BST is a global safety consulting firm that helps organizations create injury-free workplaces. Since 1979, when BST pioneered behavior-based safety, they have established a reputation for innovation and thought leadership that helps clients reduce incidents, engage employees, and achieve world-class safety performance that supports operational excellence.

Using proven change management principles, BST works with their clients to develop a long-term strategy for their organization's safety performance and design data-driven interventions that help them to get there. BST's expertise in leadership, culture, organizational behavior, data, and other key disciplines has made BST the safety provider of choice among organizations across industry.

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BST Solutions syncs and updates critical lead/contact data, and website analytics from HubSpot to CRM and back again.

Over the course of BST's lifetime using Bedrock Data, they have mapped many fields to sync between their HubSpot and CRM instances.  They have also added the Cvent integration to allow for data to sync from Cvent into both HubSpot and Dynamics CRM.  

Many of these fields include standard lead/contact fields, like name, email, phone and other contact information, but other fields that they have mapped to sync into Dynamics include analytics fields from HubSpot, that will stay up to date as the data in these fields changes.  A few examples of these fields include: 

  • Lead Source
  • Last Form Sumitted
  • Number of Pageviews
  • Number of Visits
  • Lead Score
  • Email Opt-out information



Many of these fields flow in a bidirectional way between the two systems, though the HubSpot intelligence fields aren't writable in HubSpot, so those are "one-way fields."  

BST has also integrated Cvent and GoToWebinar into Bedrock Data so that they can seamlessly sync data from these systems into HubSpot and then into Dynamics as well.  Cvent serves as the management system for BST's annual "Safety in Action" conference, and critical data that they're interested in generating from Cvent regisrations includes: Registration Status, Events Registered for and Registration Date, among others.  

This event data ends up in HubSpot from Cvent and then makes it way over to Dynamics CRM as well, so that sales reps can have insight into whether a lead or contact has registered or attended their conference.

If you're interested in this sort of setup to integrate your webinar or event system with your marketing automation and CRM systems, get in touch with us!


“When we purchased HubSpot, we had an immediate integration need with our Dynamics CRM and Cvent instances. Bedrock Data got our integration off the ground quickly when we first were setting it up, and the integration has been running seamlessly ever since.”


Nolan Vick

Marketing Analyst

BST Solutions

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