Medical Device Company OBP Medical Automates Marketing Campaigns with CRM Data Through a Bedrock Integration.

OBP medical's devices are used extensively in more than 2,000 hospitals worldwide.  OBP has achieved this growth in part due to excellent marketing and sales practices.  To aid this effort, OBP relies on a Bedrock Data continuous integration to sync data to and from Zoho CRM in order to automate their marketing campaigns in HubSpot.

When OBP implemented HubSpot in mid-2013, they were in immediate need of an integration with their existing CRM: Zoho.  Bedrock Data helped OBP setup the integration, especially around some critical fields that OBP wanted to keep up to date and use in their marketing campaigns.

About OBP Medical

OBP Medical is the leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices. Founded in 2006, OBP Medical enables simpler, safer, and more cost-effective procedures that lead to better patient outcomes.

Clinicians no longer have to worry about finding, replacing or cleaning reusable light sources, enabling faster patient throughput and a reduction in the risk of cross contamination.

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OBP's Setup: Marketing Campaigns Driven by Sales Data

obp-mappingOBP's integration follows a simple, yet powerful blueprint: basic lead data syncing to CRM from forms on their website, and CRM data about product interest, lead source and other data flowing back to marketing to inform campaigns.

Here are two aspects of OBP's integration that makes this setup a very simple and powerful integration implementation:

1) Keep it Simple: Cover the Basics

OBP made sure that the basics were covered in terms of their mapped fields.  Nothing complicated, "the basics" are fields like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone(s), Address info, Title, Company Name, etc...

In OBP's case, these fields are owned by Zoho CRM, though the marketing side (HubSpot) will populate these fields in the case of a new lead, or if a record's field is updated in HubSpot and that corresponding field is blank in Zoho.

2) Sync Product Data from CRM to Marketing

Perhaps the most interesting part of OBP's setup is the way that they sync some of their product data from their CRM to their marketing system.

OBP sets dynamics lists in their marketing system that keep themselves up to date as data changes.  The data that is changing is coming directly over from sales reps who are working in their CRM: updating leads, contacts, accounts and opportunity data.

OBP then uses these lists to send email marketing campaigns, organize their marketing lead database and make decisions on product and company direction.  Some of the fields that OBP is syncing include:

  • Product Interest
  • Lead Source 
  • Product Info and Access Codes
  • Lead Owner Information

Having all if their data consistently in once place makes things a whole lot easier for everyone at OBP Medical.


"The Zoho CRM - HubSpot integration from Bedrock Data is extremely important to our marketing efforts, as it allows us to keep critical data from our CRM up to date in HubSpot and constantly informing our marketing campaigns."
Matthew Traub
OBP Medical, Inc.
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