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Luke Owen | June 21, 2018

Important Sync Connector Updates for Dynamics, Zoho and Netsuite Customers


For our Sync Customers, there are important updates to be aware of for Dynamics, Zoho and Netsuite. This post covers all of these changes and the steps Bedrock is taking to ensure your integrations remain active. 

Dynamics V9 release 

The v9 release has been available to Dynamics CRM customers since earlier in the year and during this initial release, we discovered that our current Dynamics Connectors were no longer compatible. Our team has been working since then to implement a brand new version of our Dynamics CRM Connector in order to support this latest release and our current ETA is the end of June. 

We are asking all of our Dynamics CRM customers to hold off on this upgrade as long as possible until further confirmation from our team that we have the new version available. 

Netsuite Token-Based Authentication (2018.2)

In mid-July Netsuite will be starting the phasing in of their new release (2018.2). In this release, they are requiring that all integration users have Token-Based Authentication in place and currently Bedrock's Netsuite Connector does not utilize this type of authentication. We are planning to implement this type of authentication and are aiming to have it ready by the end of July. 

We are asking all of our Netsuite customers to please hold off on this upgrade until further confirmation from our team that we now support this type of authentication. 

Zoho V1 API 

As you may have seen, Zoho is sunsetting their V1 API, which is currently what Bedrock uses for our Zoho Connector. The official date is set for 12/31/18 and our team will be making the upgrade to V2 before this time. 

Note that between now and when we make this upgrade, there may be some limitations to how API Limits are handled for your integration.  

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