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Zak Pines | September 21, 2018

Integrating ConnectWise & Salesforce, what do I need to know?

Bedrock Data has recently launched an updated ConnectWise connector built on ConnectWise's REST API and featured as a certified Connector Partner in the ConnectWise Partner Marketplace.

This article covers a common ConnectWise integration pairing: Salesforce and ConnectWise.

Who pairs Salesforce & ConnectWise?
We find customers are using Salesforce and ConnectWise because they have a best of breed approach, their sales team is on Salesforce and they are looking to take advantage of ConnectWise for customer support and service and other features. 

How does Bedrock Data integrate SalesForce and ConnectWise?
Bedrock Data has APIs to both SalesForce and ConnectWise such that we align data between both systems bi-directionally. This means that your sales and service teams have access to the latest, consistent information with a unified view of the customer.

What Objects Are Integrated?
These objects are connected between Salesforce and ConnectWise, through Bedrock Data:

Bedrock Object ConnectWise object Salesforce object
Owner Member User
Contact Contact Contact
Company Company Account
Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity
Activity Activity Task


Note that the Opportunity sync is a more intricate setup, and only works for creating opportunities from Salesforce to ConnectWise. 

Can you give me a 2-Minute Overview?
Sure! Check out our overview video here.

Video Thumbnail


Show Me Some Screenshots!
Here's what a common user flow looks like across Salesforce and ConnectWise. Note that the integration is bi-directional and all of the above data is kept in sync between both systems. And you can decide which objects are relevant to you.

(1) A contact added in ConnectWise...

(2) ... is automatically added to the integrated Salesforce system.2-contact_added_to_Salesforce.png

(3) An opportunity added to Salesforce...3-opportunity_added_to_Salesforce.png

(4) ... is added as an opportunity in the integrated ConnectWise system.4-opportunity_added_to_ConnectWise.png

(5) And activities added in ConnectWise...7-Activities-added-in-ConnectWise.png

(6) ... can be added as activities in Salesforce (and vice versa).8-actvities-added-in-Salesforce.png



Does this integration use an iFrame? Why or why not?
This integration does not use an iFrame. An iFrame has two common challenges:
#1 - Forces users of a system to learn a new interface embedded into that system, which makes for a confusing user experience and often challenges user adoption

#2 - No data is actually exchanged between systems in the iFrame method, which means you can't report on the data in the integrated system. And the data records will not be in sync between the two systems. For example, if a customer's details are updated, these type of data updates would not be synchronized in the iFrame method.

The advantages of Bedrock Data's bidirectional synchronization approach are keeping data aligned between systems for a single view of the customer; ability to report on that data; and improved user adoption by working with the best-of-breed systems they are used to.

How do I get started?
Contact Us to get started!  The process is to map the data fields between the two systems, test, and then turn on the bi-directional synchronization between your Salesforce and ConnectWise systems.

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