Bedrock Data helps Shuttlerock Save Time and Money with a Marketing and CRM Integration

To support Shuttlerock’s rapid expansion, the company knew that to keep up with the pace, it needed to become more operationally efficient, most notably between its sales and marketing groups.    

After implementing Marketo as their marketing automation system and Pipedrive as their sales CRM, Shuttlerock chose Bedrock Data to sync lead and customer data between the two systems.  With a bi-directional integration running smoothly, Shuttlerock’s marketing team now automates their marketing campaigns with their ever-changing CRM data and the sales team are constantly informed of leads the minute they become “qualified” for sales calls.

About Shuttlerock

Founded in New Zealand by digital marketing entrepreneur, Jonny Hendriksen, with rapid expansion into the US and Japan, Shuttlerock has helped some of the world’s top brands enhance their visual marketing and social commerce through the the power of user-generated content.  

Shuttlerock’s software platform allows brands to aggregate fans’ authentic photos and videos while engaging with their products and services, and provides the tools to moderate and publish this content throughout their website and social feeds.  Shuttlerock further provides brands with the ability to spark user-generated content through company contests, sweepstakes, and rewards as well as to incentivize sales by adding “buy now” call-to-actions to appropriate pages where this exciting new visual content lives.  With over 100 clients globally, Shuttlerock team is committed to creating digital success stories for their clients by using customer content in smart and relevant ways.

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Shuttlerock Tracks Lead Status and Lead Score, Informing Marketing and Sales Teams

To drive lead generation, the marketing team at Shuttlerock employed the popular marketing software, Marketo, to perform marketing automation, social media management, content marketing and email marketing.  To manage the company’s sales pipeline, Shuttlerock made use of the CRM system, Pipedrive, to track sales qualified leads and to close deals.  

To maximize the value of their marketing and sales solutions, they decided to sync their data bidirectionally between the two with a Bedrock Data integration.  In doing so, lead data is continuously updated, and data is pushed to and from Marketo and Pipedrive.

Specifically, an integration allows the team to sync Marketo lead data to Pipedrive to keep the sales reps informed of leads’ actions and interest online, and then sync Pipedrive lead data back to Marketo to automatically trigger marketing campaigns.  For example, as the marketing system captures leads from their website, landing pages or blog content, the contact’s activity goes directly into their CRM. 

Additionally, depending on the level of activity a lead takes on their website, they are assigned a lead score, in essence, to determine if they are cold, warm or hot leads.  Lead source, lead status and lead score data are all sent from the marketing system Marketo to the CRM system to ensure that the sales team understands which leads are ready to be called upon and which still need more time.  

Shuttlerock also created a custom integration to be able to automatically send freshly updated “sales qualified leads” to the sales team to notify them of their sales readiness and to begin scheduling demos.  At the same time, the Pipedrive sales CRM always contains the most accurate and up-to-date lead contact information, which can now be sent to inform the Marketo marketing system so that all marketing campaigns (like emails) are sent to the accurate contact data.  Shuttlerock uses a data integration to sync a number of their lead fields between their systems, including:

  • Lead’s basic info like full name, company, email, and phone
  • Lead source
  • Lead score
  • Lead status
  • and more...


Since connecting Marketo with Pipedrive, the team now has clearer insight into what their leads are doing, how they are interacting with their messaging, and which leads become “qualified” for the sales team in real-time.  Their automated data integration has led to increased business efficiency and productivity, happier employees, and increased company revenue.



“Bedrock Data has given our sales and marketing teams a 360 degree view of our leads and customers.  Syncing our cloud applications will allow us to expand our opportunities for growth even further and that’s why we’re really excited about Bedrock Data.” 


Paul Bingham

Chief Operating Officer


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