Paradigm4, makers of innovative array-based database SciDB, uses Bedrock Data to align sales and marketing teams using Marketo and Zoho CRM

Paradigm4 is the company behind SciDB, a database geared for scientific users who need to perform large amounts of mathematical processing, typically in the bioinformatics and quant finance spaces.  Paradigm4 has grown in part from selling support services and enhancements for SciDB, which is open source and free to use.  Large organizations and companies like the National Institutes of Health, NASA, Peak6 and Novartis rely on Paradigm4's software and database for efficiency in big data analysis and mathematical computations.

Paradigm4 chose to use Marketo's marketing automation platform alongside their existing Zoho CRM instance. Because of their planned scaling of marketing automation programs using Marketo, Paradigm4 needed an integration that would keep their sales and marketing data in sync as it changed between these 2 systems, and Bedrock Data filled that need with a bidirectional integration that updated data in both directions as it changed. 

About Paradigm4

Paradigm4’s SciDB is a radically new computational database for mining insights from genomic, clinical, trading, image, sensor, and device data. Paradigm4 is changing what’s possible with Big Data by answering bigger, harder questions.

Industry leaders like Foundation Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, NASA, PEAK6, Novartis, MIT Lincoln Laboratories, and others use SciDB for collaborative, reproducible research.

The company was co-founded by Dr. Stonebraker, 2014 winner of the Turing Award, and Marilyn Matz, Co- Founder of Cognex Corporation.

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How Paradigm4 Integrates Marketo and Zoho CRM: Lead data, custom fields and marketing intelligence

Paradigm4's integration needs were straight forward and to the point: sync basic lead data from their website through Marketo's lead database, custom fields and other data that Paradigm4 either asks for on their forms or generates from their sales reps in the qualification process.  They also sync over some key marketing intelligence from Marketo like a custom lead score, giving their sales reps a better picture of how good a lead might be before starting the qualification process.  Here are some details on Paradigm4's setup to note:

Cover the basics and sync all of your lead data to CRM and back again

Paradigm4's Marketo-Zoho CRM integration follows a simple, yet powerful blueprint: sync basic lead data from forms on their website into their CRM.  This data also flows back to Marketo when it's changed in Zoho CRM by their sales reps.  Paradigm4 also sync certain lead data from Marketo to Zoho CRM like Lead Score, which they use to mark qualified leads in Marketo first.  Paradigm4 also syncs forum registrant data through Marketo and into Zoho CRM, another source of leads for their sales team.  Here are some of the fields that Paradigm4 is integrating through Bedrock Data:

  • Forum Registration Name and Username
  • Lead Score
  • Product Urgency
  • Industry
  • Lead Status
  • Sales expectations


“Integrating Marketo with Zoho CRM enabled us to sync key pieces of data between marketing and sales — more than just the standard lead information.  Without Bedrock, our sales teams wouldn’t know when a lead was researching our products on our website or clicking through on an email campaign. Now we instantly notify the sales team when there's urgency in a deal.”

Bill Kantor
VP Sales and Marketing
Paradigm4, Inc.
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