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Luke Owen | December 22, 2018

Quick Tip: Prevent HubSpot Deals Syncing Too Early


If you’re syncing deals from HubSpot to a CRM system like ConnectWise or NetSuite, you could get errors for creating an opportunity record in your operational CRM.

You see these errors because the company-contact relationships do not exist for the Deal in HubSpot, which allows you to create Deals without relationships, unlike ConnectWise and NetSuite, which do require these relationships.



The following workflows for syncing HubSpot deals are designed to prevent such errors.

Step 1. Add a workflow. Either create a brand new Workflow or edit an existing workflow.

Step 2. Label the workflow (e.g. “HubSpot Deals”)

Step 3. Select the IF condition with ALL.

Step 4. Create the following workflow rules:

  • HubSpot has deal where Number of Records > 0. This workflow means you have to have at least one contact associated to the opportunity.

  • HubSpot has deal where Associated Company IDs is not empty. This workflow means you must have a company associated to this deal.

  • HubSpot has deal where Deal Stage contains Quoting. Add this workflow if you only like to sync your opportunities when the stage is in quoting.

Watch video of how to implement this Workflow in Bedrock:

Quick Tip - Preventing HS Deals syncing too early

Note: these records are not going to sync if they do not have the associated records, so make sure your team is on top of those relationship settings in HubSpot.

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