Zak Pines | March 8, 2017

The best way to connect HubSpot & Cvent and get the most out of both systems

Managing disconnected marketing automation and event systems is a real headache for marketers.  When you manage the two systems separately:

  • You are stuck having to upload spreadsheets between the two systems - which is prone to errors and duplicates - not to mention a big waste of time
  • You don’t fully take advantage of your event follow up - either because it’s too slow, or you end up communicating to all of your event participants in the same way because you don’t know who they are
  • You struggle to connect the dots around how the events are contributing to leads, opportunities, and revenue

Two of Bedrock Data’s recent product releases are designed to help you get the most out of Cvent for managing your events plus HubSpot for managing your marketing automation and inbound marketing.

Here’s what’s been released:

And like all Bedrock Data integrations, this one can be set up and managed by marketers, without a single line of code.

Ever wanted to trigger a segmented marketing campaign during a conference?

Now you can.

With these new releases, you can send targeted event segmentation for HubSpot marketing campaigns before, during, and after an event in a streamlined, clean way.

Connect Cvent & HubSpot with no code or custom development

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.22.06 AM.png

What's possible with Bedrock's Cvent & HubSpot connector

Step 1: Target HubSpot contacts via Cvent event invitations

Bedrock Data enables a multi-directional sync between HubSpot and Cvent. So your HubSpot database will be available in Cvent for targeting as you push out invitations to your events.

You’ll never have to upload a spreadsheet between the two systems again!

Step 2: Capture contact data for events & session registrations from Cvent

Contact data capture includes custom field support so you can ensure what you learn about prospects or customers as part of their event registration, will make it back to your marketing automation database.



Step 3: Sync registrants to HubSpot - add new contacts & update existing records (no duplicates)

As you capture registrants in Cvent this data will sync to HubSpot.

The Bedrock Data integration will manage the process for handling records that are new to HubSpot and pre-existing HubSpot contact records.

If a registrant does not exist in HubSpot as a contact, a net new contact record is created from Cvent to HubSpot. If a registrant has an existing record in HubSpot, that same record will be updated.

This “update if existing” process is key to progressive profiling of your HubSpot database.

For example, a question posted on a Cvent registration form will live in HubSpot and can be used for lead scoring or targeted follow-up campaigns.

Most integration processes from event systems to marketing automation systems allow you to create new records. They struggle with identifying existing records and appending additional data to those records such as custom fields from Cvent. Bedrock Data handles that seamlessly.

Step 4: Event & session data automatically added to HubSpot Timelines

Specific event and session registration data can be mapped to your HubSpot timeline showing registration and attendance status. This provides a visual view of the Cvent event activity for that person, directly in HubSpot.



Step 5: Build smart lists using Cvent data in HubSpot

The power of HubSpot timelines is that this Cvent data becomes fully segmentable in HubSpot.

Smart lists can be built in HubSpot to answer questions on your event and target event attendees for follow up. This includes attendees who registered for the event, attended the event, and attendees who registered and attended a specific session.



You are also able to further segment your event data with other data on HubSpot. For example, if you wanted to follow-up differently with event attendees who are existing customers, existing opportunity, a partner, or a completely new prospect - you can manage that segmentation and targeting through HubSpot.


To learn more about this powerful HubSpot-Cvent integration, book a meeting with one of our marketing specialists.

Are you a current Bedrock Data customer interested in a Cvent integration? Our tech support team is happy to set that up for you. Drop our team a note at


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