Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Company Transpoco Saves At Least $20,000 per Year with a Continuous Bedrock Integration

Transpoco is known in their industry for staying ahead of the technological curve.  It's part of what makes their software offering so compelling.  Transpoco's sales and marketing efforts are no different in that they use best of breed apps to help aid their business efforts: Zoho CRM and HubSpot.

After implementing HubSpot and Zoho as a part of their lead generation and sales process, Transpoco looked to Bedrock Data to integrate these systems to provide real-time updating of data in both directions.  Bedrock's integration platform saves Transpoco valuable time and money: $20,000 or more each year according to estimates.

About Transpoco

Transpoco provides a software platform that enables you to track and manage your vehicle fleet quickly and easily online.  Founded in 2004 and based in Dublin, Ireland, Transpoco has grown to thousands of customers with an international footprint.

Transpoco's software allows you to track your drivers in real-time, optimize your fleet of drivers, track driving history and much more. 

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Keeping Sales Informed and Achieving True Marketing Automation

Transpoco's integration takes advantage of data syncing in both directions, to and from Zoho CRM and their marketing automation platform: HubSpot.  They use data from HubSpot to keep their sales reps informed of their lead's actions and interest online, and then sync Zoho opportunity and owner data back to HubSpot to automatically trigger marketing campaigns.

Online leads that are generated through inbound marketing efforts (via website forms) sync to Zoho as leads.  These leads are synced to Zoho with all of the basic lead information like name, phone, email, as well as custom fields, which help to qualify leads for Transpoco's sales reps.  These records are also augmented with analytical information from HubSpot that syncs to Zoho custom fields.  Transpoco has 37 fields in all syncing between their systems.  Some of these fields include:

  • Forms Submitted
  • Number of Visits
  • Lead Grade
  • Many more...

Transpoco also uses Bedrock's bi-directional integration to sync and update data from Zoho back to HubSpot, which informs marketing campaigns and causes drip emails to automatically fire as their CRM data changes.  This data includes both ownership data and CRM opportunity stage data associated with a contact in Zoho CRM.  


Zoho's opportunity stage then sets the HubSpot lifecycle stage field, which Transpoco uses for reporting and email marketing. Because their CRM data is updated in HubSpot in near real-time as it changes, true marketing automation can be achieved. Transpoco also syncs over CRM lead and contact owner information to HubSpot so that they can send personalized emails from their sales reps automatically.  All in all, it's a very powerful example of marketing automation across sales and marketing.


"Bedrock Data allows us to continuously sync data from our HubSpot to Zoho and back again in near real-time.  The constant, automatic updating of data saves us time and money -- we wouldn't be productive with these systems without the Bedrock integration."
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John Harrington
Marketing Director
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