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Bedrock Data Has Been Acquired by Formstack

Bedrock Data has evolved into Formstack Sync! Unify customer data
across multiple cloud applications without code.


About Formstack Sync

In 2012, Formstack Sync (formerly Bedrock Data) started as a scrappy, nights-and-weekends project.

"I was dreaming of making the Rosetta Stone for data—some universal translator that spoke to all systems,” says Bedrock Data founder Taylor Barstow. "Our rationale was that unified data could lay the foundation for your business."

Now part of Formstack's workplace productivity platform, Sync has become a powerful bi-directional integration solution. Through pre-built connectors, teams can unify disparate systems, improve access to data, and work better together.

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What is Formstack?

Formstack is a workplace productivity platform built to shake up the way you collect data and put it to work. Combine Sync with powerful data capture, workflow automation, and document generation tools to reduce data chaos and conquer your toughest business challenges.


Transform the way you manage data.

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