When you invest in a SaaS product, you're making a bet that software is going to better enable your business.

Bedrock Data’s philosophy is that as you connect multiple SaaS systems, you want those systems to work together such that you are getting more out of ALL of your systems, in concert.

Like the old adage, that 1+1 should equal 3. Or maybe a new adage, when you’re dealing with multiple SaaS systems, 1+1+1+1 should equal 10.

To make this possible we build deep connectors for each connecting software product.

For example, we ensure your data feeds help you take advantage of key features of your connecting systems such as:

  • For HubSpot: Lead Intelligence, Smart Lists, Timelines & Full Funnel Analytics 
  • For Marketo: Interesting Moments, Smart Lists & Revenue Cycle Analytics 
  • For ConnectWise: Tickets
  • For Salesforce: Custom Objects
  • For Cvent: Registration, Attendance & Session Data
  • And many more…