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All Your Cloud Data. One Fused Database.

Fusion unifies customer data across multiple cloud applications. Just connect your SaaS applications, then let Fusion match, map, & merge every major object into a “Fused Database” - where formats are standardized & many data models transformed into a single schema.

Your warehouse. On demand.

At the push of a button, Fusion gives you a SQL warehouse, populated with all the data from your SaaS applications, and automatically kept up-to-date. Data refresh every 30 minutes, granting you quick access to accurate data in your dashboards, analytics, & BI tools. No hardware necessary.


Select your SaaS applications. Fusion will authenticate via their APIs & replicate all raw data from these systems before creating “fused records”.

Fused Records

Fusion automatically merges disparate datasets using type translation & data transformation. So if 2+ records exist in different systems, but relate to the same thing (a person, company, etc.), Fusion will combine them for you.

Type Translation

All data types are translated into a common format. Values that refer to same entity are put in a single, standard format; duplicates eliminated; conflicts resolved.

Data Transformation

Unique SaaS data models automatically turn into a standardized, common schema. If you change your mappings, Fusion rebuilds a fresh new warehouse.

Match Objects

Fusion uses de-duplication keys to match like records among multiple datasets. Match contact records on email address, companies by company name, and more.

Map Relationships

Define how one field relates to another field for a given object. Map objects like Events, Companies, Contacts, Contact Lists, URL Mappings, Deals, Engagements, Forms, Owners, & Broadcast Messages. Customize mappings or use the default.

The Fused Database

Mapped, matched, modeled, & merged records & relationships are unified in a single MySQL database. Tables in the Fused Database consists of fused, raw, & links records. We’ll give you credentials to your own SQL database, which we store in the cloud.


Fused Records

Combine major objects, from Activities to Opportunities


Raw Records

Give you access to all your system’s major objects in one database.


Links Tables

Join and query tables in ways you’ve always wanted, but never imagined.

Analyze & Visualize

Feed your Fused Database to reports, dashboards & analytics. Query with SQL. Use tools like Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight, MetaBase and more.


  • Unite teams
  • Connect investments to outcomes
  • Accelerate analytics
  • Eliminate data prep
  • Closed-loop reporting across applications
  • Improved CX
  • Dismantled data silos
  • GDPR compliance
  • Automated data pipeline

Discover What's Possible

  • Trusted resource for single view of customer
  • Dashboards using data across the business
  • Easy to navigate closed-loop reporting
  • Ad hoc queries for the analysts on your team
  • Insights on generating profitable & successful customers
  • Activity analytics

Choose from pre-built connectors

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