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HubSpot + Tableau

You use HubSpot for inbound marketing and sales to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. With Fusion, you can analyze and visualize all your HubSpot data in Tableau.

HubSpot Tableau

Your Own HubSpot Cloud Data Warehouse.

Connect HubSpot to Fusion and access you HubSpot data whenever, wherever. With all your HubSpot data stored in one data warehouse, you can then view all your HubSpot data โ€” Events, Companies, Contacts, Deals, Owners, Stage, Content, & more โ€” in Tableau.

HubSpot Fish
Try Fusion for Free

Analyze & Visualize HubSpot Data in Tableau.

Connect your Fusion Warehouse to Tableau and create interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards out of your HubSpot data. No need to depend on IT. Just drag and drop your HubSpot data on Tableau's interface, write SQL queries, or run regressions for more complex analysis.