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Fuse data from HubSpot (& all your SaaS applications)

Stop fishing for answers. Feed unified data to PowerBI, backed up by a data warehouse

Give Fusion a Try

Connect your data sources

Unify Saas application such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Dynamics, NetSuite, ZenDesk, FreshDesk, QuickBooks, Xero, Zuora, and many more.

Unify your data

Let Fusion match, merge, and map objects into one common schema. Let it de-duplicate values, standardize fields, and resolve conflicts for you.

Automate your data pipeline

Throw ETL overboard. Fusion's your cloud data warehouse now. No setup, simply use PowerBI to access clean, usable data across HubSpot & all of your SaaS applications.

Get rolling

Accelerate analytics with PowerBI reporting across HubSpot & other applications. With trusted data, you can solve problems and connect investments to outcomes.

Give Fusion a Try

Hook, line, and tinker

Query, join, visualize your Fused Database in PowerBI. Report in real-time, with only uptime.

Nothing fishy going on here

"Consistent customer data through Bedrock Data saves us time and helps us make decisions."
Luque Wang
Senior Manager, Operations | Bit Stew Systems, from GE Digital
"With Bedrock Data, we have complete trust in our combined HubSpot & NetSuite data."
Amber Newman
VP, Marketing | AMTdirect
"Bedrock Data helps give me the visibility I need across our Marketo & CRM data."
Adam Stone
President | D-Tools
"Bedrock Data allows us to get the data we need from our various customer data sources including HubSpot."
Bill Goulet
Vice President, Operations | JOHO
"Bedrock Data is faster, more scalable and more enabling to non-technical users than other options."
Amanda Daume
Director, Sales Enablement | Revenue River
"We have a trusted source of customer data, powered by Bedrock Data."
Sushee Perumal
CEO | MaxSold