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Connect NetSuite to Fusion.

NetSuite manages inventory, financials, e-commerce, and customer relationships. Backup NetSuite data with Fusion's on-demand warehouse, then connect your NetSuite warehouse to analytics and BI tools.


NetSuite + Fusion.

Query NetSuite data in SQL or visualize your NetSuite warehouse with just few objects - Company, Order, List, Product, Activity, Ticket, Opportunity, & Campaign. Combine NetSuite data with other cloud applications. Or simply backup NetSuite data in a warehouse to save yourself weeks of data prep and the hassle of ETL.

NetSuite Data Warehouse
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NetSuite Analytics

Connect your data warehouse to any BI tool. Query & visualize NetSuite objects โ€” Account, Charge, Inventory, Department, Vendor, SupportCase, Invoice, Vendor, CashSale, & many more.

Business intelligence

NetSuite warehoused.

When your NetSuite data is backed up & stored in the cloud, you can access it whenever, wherever.