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Connect Quickbooks to Fusion.

Quickbooks is software for accounting, invoices, & payments. Connect Quickbooks to Fusion & merge all your customer data into one on-demand warehouse.


Quickbooks + Fusion.

When Quickbooks data combines with data from other systems, you can query & visualize all your systems through just a few objects - Contact, Company, Order, & OrderItem. All in one data warehouse.

Data warehouse
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Use any BI tool

Connect your data warehouse to any BI tool. Query & visualize Quickbooks objects โ€” Customer, Companyinfo, Invoice, Bill, Billpayment, Deposit, Estimate Journalentry, Timeactivity, Purchaseorder, Vendor, and more.

Business intelligence

Quickbooks warehoused.

When your Quickbooks data is backed up & stored in the cloud, you can access it whenever, wherever.