Fuse & warehouse your Salesforce data for better reporting & analytics

  • Fusion for Salesforce: feed Salesforce data to a cloud data warehouse including contacts, accounts, opportunities, and interesting moments
  • Maintain object relationships so you can build your own flexible closed-loop reporting of Salesforce analytics in your analytics tools
  • Warehouse & backup your Salesforce data in SQL format
  • Feed Salesforce data to your reporting tools & dashboards such as Tableau, PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight & MetaBase

Salesforce Fusion Data Dashboard

Automatically feed Salesforce data to a cloud data warehouse

It’s your data, but it’s sitting in Salesforce. 

Fusion allows you to feed Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities, interesting moments and more - to a cloud data warehouse. So you’ll never feel like your data is buried in Salesforce again.

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Salesforce data objects

Build your own reports for flexible Salesforce analytics

Your Fusion Salesforce feed maintains object relationships, to enable you to build your own flexible closed loop reporting of Salesforce analytics.

With the data in SQL format, you’ll have flexibility in slicing and dicing the data, and formatting your own reports without limitations.

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Centralize Data for GDPR

Centralize your Salesforce data for GDPR compliance

GDPR demands that customers' personal data can be accessed and deleted across all your applications.

Use Fusion as part of your GDPR compliance efforts to make your Salesforce data available - fused with other customer data - in a central customer data warehouse.

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Salesforce Data Sources

Fuse your Salesforce data with other customer data sources

Salesforce contains vital data on your prospects and customers. It's an even more powerful asset when fused with other customer data sources such as sales, support and finance data. 

Use Fusion to manage your Salesforce data as an asset, and ensure it's well integrated across all of your customer data sources, and backed up in the cloud.

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