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Power up HubSpot with no-code, multi-directional integrations

  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules for your HubSpot integrations
  • Unleash key features including Lead intelligence for sales visibility, Timelines for segmenting activities, Smart lists for segmenting CRM data, & full funnel analytics
  • Certified partner relied on by several hundred HubSpot customers
  • All versions supported: HubSpot Marketing (Basic, Professional, Enterprise) & HubSpot Sales (Free & Paid)
  • Plus: Use our Fusion product to warehouse your HubSpot data for greater accessibility and cross-system analytics

We chose Bedrock Data for NetSuite-HubSpot integration as it was faster, more scalable & more enabling to marketers than other options.
Amanda Daume
Director, Sales Enablement | Revenue River

Warehouse your HubSpot data & feed reporting & analytics

Feed your HubSpot data to a SQL cloud data warehouse for greater accessibility, combine with other data sources and feed to your reporting, analytics & dashboard tools.

Never feel like your data is buried in HubSpot again, and get more flexible and automated analytics.

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Connect HubSpot to any CRM to align sales & marketing

Connecting HubSpot to your CRM takes your sales & marketing alignment to the next level.

All of a sudden, HubSpot & your CRM can operate as one system, giving you real-time lead management, visibility to HubSpot intelligence in your CRM, targeting of CRM data in HubSpot, full funnel analytics and more.

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Unleash key HubSpot features including Timelines & Smart lists

Our HubSpot integrations are designed to help HubSpot users take advantage of key HubSpot functionality.

For example, feeding data from event, webinar or CRM systems into your HubSpot timeline gives you expanded segmentation & reporting capabilities.

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Connect data across multiple HubSpot portals or CRMs

Companies with multiple locations or geographies often require multiple HubSpot instances to take advantage of HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing tools while also providing the flexibility needed to manage a distributed organization.

Bedrock Data helps you connect data across these multiple HubSpot instances.

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