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Using 80+ marketing automation campaigns to tailor lead nurturing & user onboarding

plus7.pngAs part of our HubSpot Power User series, we sat down with Andrew Capland, the Growth Team Lead at Wistia, for his story on how he uses HubSpot and perspective on best practices.

Zak: Can you start by telling us about Wistia?

Andrew: Wistia is a video hosting platform for businesses, designed to help you do more with video. We go beyond just basic hosting and have a suite of tools, analytics, and integrations to help our customers reach their goals.

Zak: What is your role and what are your key responsibilities?

Andrew: I lead the growth team, which means I’m focused on our website visitor & new user experience. That includes increasing sign-ups, improving our onboarding flow, and the upgrade of free accounts to paying customers.

We’ve grown to 300,000 unique user accounts and have tens of thousands of customers. We are excited about that and looking to continue building on that growth.

Zak: How did you get into inbound marketing and marketing technology?

Andrew: In college I was business minded but I knew I didn’t want to go into finance, so I was attracted to marketing. After college I started by marketing career at Digitas, where I got to manage huge ad campaigns for companies like Disney, Aflac and Bank of America.

Then I moved to HubSpot where I was a consultant working with HubSpot customers. I learned the playbook on how to attract, convert, nurture and hopefully acquire more customers. I always thought it would be neat to go to a startup to apply the learnings, and I’ve been able to do that at Wistia over the past 16 months.

Zak: As a former HubSpot consultant, you must have some pretty interesting ways you are using HubSpot now at Wistia. Can you walk us through that.

Andrew: Absolutely. For us it’s all about personalization and scalability. We get lots and lots of new users every single month. A lot are trying our free product for the first time.

We try to gather as much data as we can when a new user signs up. We ask them questions about what their goals are, and we also enhance that with additional data on the back-end such as what other software their company is using – Google Analytics, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce, etc.

We then use that data to customize the follow up nurture stream we put you in. We have about ten different "signup recipes" as we call them.

The welcome email flow will be vastly different based on what we know about you. If your goal is to use video to improve your marketing and generate leads, I’ll show you different videos, nurturing emails, and onboarding steps, then if your goal is to improve customer communications.

If you sign up for Wistia, and we know you use Google Analytics, then we are going to talk to you about how you can use Wistia and Google Analytics together to track your goals, and here’s how you do that. It's all about providing value for the user based on what we know about them.

Zak: That is very powerful, how are you managing it all?

Andrew: We leverage HubSpot workflows to manage the rules for our different flows based on that data we collect and append.

All in all we have about 80 different marketing automation campaigns in HubSpot; about 2/3 of those are delivering content to users, and about 1/3 are internal workflows.

That process is what allows us to treat each of our sign-ups uniquely.

Zak: That is very powerful stuff, very impressive. You talked about onboarding process, how are you approaching that and does HubSpot fit in there too?

Andrew: Yes absolutely, it’s a similar concept for onboarding. For onboarding we are segmenting our users based on what they’ve actually done in the product.

We look at it as three steps we want you to take – first, upload a video, then share the video, and then do more with the video.

So if you haven’t uploaded a video yet, we are going to show you how to use the tool, how to create a video, and how to do it as fast as possible.

If you have uploaded the video, but haven't shared it with anyone, we’re going to educate you on how and why to do that – embed it on your website or share a link with your friend, and the cool video stats you’ll unlock after you do so.

And then after you share, we walk through the different stats and analytics you can get out of your account, and what you can do to drive deeper engagement.

Basically we are using crazy amounts of data to make stuff simple to our users.

Zak: This is really impressive, and certainly both a great models for companies to think about in how to segment their top of funnel nurturing and on-boarding, especially for those with free trial SaaS products. I know Wistia, like Bedrock Data, will be a sponsor at INBOUND this year, so see you there Andrew.

Andrew: Yes see you there Zak. Looking forward to it.

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