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plus7.pngAs part of our HubSpot Power User series, we sat down with Jonathan Burg, Group SVP of Global Marketing at Reward Gateway, for his story on how he uses HubSpot and perspective on best practices.

Zak: Can you start by telling us about your company, Reward Gateway?

JonathanReward Gateway is an employee engagement platform that helps employers and HR professionals to attract, engage, and retain their employees. Our customers are looking to deliver to their employees exceptional benefits, create a culture of employee recognition, and connect with their employees with top notch internal communication programs. We have 1,400 clients worldwide and really exciting growth opportunities ahead of us.

Zak: And what are your key responsibilities as Group SVP of Global Marketing?

Jonathan: I have three main priorities. Number one is direction, the strategic direction of where the company is going to be placing our big bets, and then positioning ourselves in the best way to help those clients.

Number two is creating tools for the sales team and the service organization, to help them do the best job they can. That includes a playbook for clients to implement a solution in the best way, or a case study for one of our sales reps. And then number three is creating programs to bring it all together to drive growth within our customer base.

Zak: How did you get into these areas of marketing technology, demand generation, marketing automation and inbound marketing?

Jonathan: I was destined to be on the technology side of marketing, but I didn’t know it because I got a masters degree in sports psychology. I quickly realized though that being a professor in an ivory tower wasn’t going to work for me.

After I got my MBA I had a choice working for an ad agency for a highly visible client doing digital marketing, or a leadership rotation for a large technology company in the Boston area. Rather than go for the glitzy agency I took the role at the tech company.

I then got involved in a project implementing Eloqua, and I really loved the project. I got very into the concepts of Digital Body Language and behavioral marketing; I became the champion and got, I’ll say, stuck in the idea of delivering the right content at the right time to the right customer.

Zak: And then how did your career bring you to HubSpot?

Jonathan: I’ve worked with many marketing automation platforms. I’ve skinned my knees a lot, failed a lot and learned a ton along the way. I

Now at Rewards Gateway I’m in a situation where the company had been using HubSpot before I joined. I have many tools at my disposal through HubSpot. I’m excited for the opportunity to leverage these tools which cover everything from our website, to social media, to delivering content all he way in between.

Zak: What are your main objectives going forward around your use of HubSpot?

Jonathan: Our outcome goals are very focused on pipeline contribution and closed won deals. I don’t go a day without talking to my SVP of Sales. We’re constantly collaborating and working together. If I’m not accountable in the same way she is for building revenue and results for the organization, then she and I will not be aligned.

Zak: Given your deep marketing automation background, I’m curious how you are approaching your lead lifecycle and funnel at Rewards Gateway?

Jonathan: I had the opportunity to build that recently, we did so with a wonderful process with a lot of research and feedback to ensure we really understood how our customers want to use our solutions. We used that insight to map out our lead and sales process.

With that said, our website is our primary lead driver, plus content through our various media partners, social media, advocacy from our customer base, and hosting meetings around our platform.

The way we qualify is first based on the type of asset being downloaded, and the type of request. The leads pass to a rep to follow up and learn more about the needs and goals of that person. If they are qualified, then they will pass that lead onto a consultant which is a senior sales rep who will take a consultative process ot move that lead forward to an opportunity phase.

Zak: You talked about being excited around the possibilities of leveraging HubSpot as both your website and marketing automation platform? What are some of the interesting things you are doing with that today?

Jonathan: We are leveraging HubSpot’s content and you’re right that is an interesting use case for us. Geo-targeting is important to us, because we know the way prospects research and learn is different by the part of the world. So targeting different content and messages based on the location of the prospect is very powerful.

The other way we are targeting content is by industry. We have clients doing great work with us across different industry, so we can share different relevant case studies based on industry.

And the last thing is around product targeting, because our platform has various products we can deliver. When someone comes to our website and we learn what types of solution they are interested in, we can then make sure we are prioritizing the right content around the right product families.

Zak: And lastly Jonathan, what are some of the things you aren’t yet doing in HubSpot by you are looking forward to doing more with as you move forward?

Jonathan: I’m a huge believer in relevant communications, so I’m excited about being able to have one-to-one communications that are just as smart and just as appropriate as our lead nurturing programs. The irony is that sometimes you see one-to-one communications that are less relevant and less influenced than some of our automated lead nurturing programs. I believe it’s our right as marketing to make sure every client communication is what they really care about, whether that’s an SDR follow up or a renewal conversation.

The other area I’m excited about is creating an integrated social media program. I want to build out an approach to our social media where our social media program can be just as smart and data driven as our marketing automation and our website. I know there’s something there and we can tap into it.

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