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Smart lists give you a lot of flexibility for understanding your data & pulling reports

plus7.pngAs part of our HubSpot Power User series, we sat down with Olivia Perek, Inbound Strategist at New Breed Marketing, for her story on how she uses HubSpot and perspective on best practices.

Zak: Can you start by telling us about New Breed Marketing?

Olivia: New Breed is a marketing agency based in Burlington, Vermont. We partner with B2B companies, primarily software, to help them transform and unify their marketing and sales teams through people, process and platforms. We’re also an authorized HubSpot reseller and are the highest ranking member of their Partner program. We provide full funnel solutions that address everything from your website to lead qualification to lifecycle marketing.

Zak: What is your role?

Olivia: I’m an inbound strategist, working with customers to develop their inbound marketing strategies, while also leveraging HubSpot. Some of the work is marketing strategy, and some is very high touch HubSpot support. My work includes strategy for both lead generation and nurturing, content creation, managing content calendar, executing through HubSpot and making it all happen.

Zak: How did you get into marketing technology and inbound marketing?

Olivia: I took an internship with New Breed out of college, after I graduated a semester early. I thought it was going to be my first of many out of college but quickly fell in love with the company and vertical. I haven’t looked back since.

I was looking for something in the digital marketing world, and at the time I didn’t know about inbound methodology. But as much as I didn’t know, I did know. Everything I loved about blogging, social media, email marketing was the inbound methodology. And I’ve always been into tech, thanks to my dad. So inbound has combined a lot of passions that I didn’t realize I had.

Zak: How do you net out the keys to HubSpot?

Olivia: There are many things you can do with HubSpot, and we have customers using different tools. But ultimately it’s all about generating leads and nurturing those leads to handoff to sales.

Zak: What’s your stance on lead scoring?

Olivia: I’m a big proponent of lead scoring. We find that lead score is an important part of the qualification process. We workshop with our customers to map out the criteria for what makes a qualified lead and how scoring can help measure and trigger that.

We score based on implicit actions – action they take on the website – and explicit actions – based on what you know about them including demographics. Scoring based on both behaviors helps fully gauge a leads fit for your product or service.

Zak: What reports do you leverage the most?

Olivia: I end up using smart lists to prepare a lot of data for customers. This serves as a way to bucket and drill down into information.

For example, became a lead Sept 1-30 and their original source was not offline, or direct traffic – to get only organic leads for that time range. And then we can drill down into the specifics of those people.

I also spend a lot of time in the source reporting, and understanding the impact of specific websites. Where’s the most qualified traffic coming from?

Zak: What tips do you have for other HubSpot customers?

Olivia: The building blocks are important. It all starts with understanding buyer personas, and then understanding what makes a lead from a qualified lead. That is going to impact your content topics and formats, form strategy, your CRM integration and how you structure reporting, lists and goals.

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