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Leverage the power of HubSpot while staying aligned with sales team in NetSuite

plus7.pngAs part of our HubSpot Power User series, we sat down with Patrick Haley, Director of Marketing at BCS ProSoft, for his story on how he uses HubSpot and perspective on best practices.

Zak: Can you start by telling us about BCS ProSoft?

Patrick: We are a technology consulting company, specializing in enterprise and business management systems. We work with three primary ERP systems – Sage, NetSuite and Deltek Vision.

The top persona that we market and sell to are finance leaders – controllers, VP of Finance and CFO. And we have been broadening our marketing approach to target the greater buyer team which includes project managers as the ones managing projects, and CEOs or business owners around getting better business analytics and increasing the value of their business.

Zak: What is your role?

Patrick: I am Director of Marketing, heading up our marketing efforts including the planning and strategy. For new customer acquisition this includes choosing verticals that we are focused on targeting. For existing customers, this includes building our plans to cross sell products to our base.

Zak: How did you get into marketing and inbound marketing?

Patrick: Unintentionally. In college, I studied Ecological Restoration at Texas A&M University. I had been into graphic design since I was a kid, and then I got into marketing for the A&M sailing club. We needed a way to send bulk emails, so I learned how to code emails.

When it came time to get an internship, I got a marketing and sales internship as a summer job. I built out our website, and helped out with sales process. It eventually turned into a marketing role right here at BCS ProSoft. And I’ve taken on an expanded role at the company since then and have been asked to join the executive team.

Zak: When did you start using HubSpot?

Patrick: When I got the marketing coordinate job, I didn’t know a ton about how to be a marketer. I was Googling topics like how to measure marketing performance, and I ended up on HubSpot’s website. The HubSpot guys called me at 7am the next day; I remember answering the phone half asleep wondering why they were calling me.

At the time HubSpot was too expensive for me, so I went with another tool called SalesFusion. But then a couple years later I needed something more robust and made the move to HubSpot.

Zak: Can you describe your lead process?

Patrick: We have existing data in our CRM as we have acquired multiple companies. So part of what we’re continuing to do is touch that database, and see what we can qualify, and also disqualify leads that aren’t a fit.

I’m the user of HubSpot, and I have a BDR team and sales team using NetSuite.

Our company has the mantra, if it’s not in NetSuite CRM, it never happened, so it’s important to us that HubSpot and NetSuite are kept in sync. We use Bedrock Data for that. We push leads from HubSpot to NetSuite, and we have NetSuite fields for some key marketing information from HubSpot such as the most recent conversion and most recent conversion date, to give visibility to the BDRs as to why they are contacting a lead and help inform what type of conversation they should try to have with that prospect.

Zak: How else are you using HubSpot to support your BDR team?

Patrick: There is a prospects report that we use every single day; It’s an automatic email we send every morning, which shows a list of different IP addresses and web domains that have visited us in the past 24 hours, along with the associated company name. The BDR team is that cross-referencing that with our database to identify prospects to reach out to. Plus they can see what topics they have been researching – maybe they were reading up a How To article on NetSuite or Sage 100, or they were visiting a page on our website

This approach helped us find a prospect that turned into a great opportunity and a sizable deal which has helped pay for HubSpot for 10 years.

Zak: Do you have any advice for NetSuite users out there considering HubSpot?

Patrick: The pairing of HubSpot and Bedrock Data has helped me as a marketer. NetSuite’s marketing tools are not as capable or nearly as intuitive as HubSpot's, so it’s very empowering for me as a marketer to be able to leverage all the tools of HubSpot and keep aligned with my BDR and sales team using NetSuite.

Something as simple as sending an email, it’s going to take me one-tenth the time to send that email through HubSpot as it would in NetSuite.

NetSuite is a very important system to us, so it’s also valuable for me to still manage campaigns and campaign responses in NetSuite. When my sales team creates an opportunity, I want to be able to track which marketing activities generated that opportunity.

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