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Connect multiple HubSpot portals or CRMs & keep your data aligned

  • Connect multiple HubSpot portals and/or multiple CRMs
  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules
  • De-duplicate data across multiple portals  
  • Unleash key features including HubSpot intelligence, HubSpot smart lists & full funnel analytics
  • Certified partner relied on by several hundred HubSpot customers


Take away the complexity of multiple systems

Working across multiple HubSpot portals or CRM instances can cause great complexity for marketing & operations teams.

Take away the complexity by aligning your data across the systems so that you don’t have to worry about data conflicts or duplicates.


De-duplicate data across multiple portals

Our bidirectional integration will connect data across multiple portals using email address as a unique identifier, and sync data in all directions. This will ensure that you can manage a de-duplicated database across all of your portals to get a true understanding of your database.

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Manage business rules for one-to-many system mapping

Map your portals and determine which data is going to sync to other portals or other connected systems. Connecting objects include contacts, accounts, deals and engagements.


Wizard setup to manage your data mappings & rules

You don’t need coding or a technical background to manage your HubSpot integrations. Bedrock Data allow you to map fields across systems and control rules such as system of record for each.

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Connect Objects Across Multiple HubSpot Instances



Company (Read, Create, Update)
Company (Read, Create, Update)


Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)


Engagement (Read, Create, Update)
Engagement (Read, Create, Update)


Timeline (Create)
Timeline (Create)


Owner (Read, Create, Update)
Owner (Read, Create, Update)

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