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Connect HubSpot to any CRM without a line of code, ever

  • Connect HubSpot to any CRM including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, NetSuite, SugarCRM, ConnectWise & Zoho
  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules for your HubSpot CRM integrations 
  • Unleash key features for your sales & marketing teams – including HubSpot intelligence, HubSpot smart lists & full funnel analytics
  • Certified partner relied on by several hundred HubSpot customers


Deliver leads to sales without friction

How do you help sales & BDR teams maximize conversion rates? – rapid delivery of leads, and accurate data.

Bedrock Data ensures leads move smoothly & automatically between HubSpot & your CRM, removing any manual, error-prone work.


Provide sales reps visibility to HubSpot intelligence in their CRM

Your sales reps will be best equipped for conversations based on understanding how & why prospects have interacted with you.

Bedrock Data helps you present key HubSpot intelligence to reps both natively in the CRM system and on HubSpot timelines.

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Better target your marketing through HubSpot

Bedrock Data continually feeds your CRM data to HubSpot, so you can use HubSpot smart lists & smart content to target based on that data. This unlocks capabilities such as segment-specific marketing campaigns & automated campaigns based on customer stage.

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Generate full funnel analytics from HubSpot to CRM

As your leads convert to opportunities and deals in your CRM, Bedrock Data syncs that data back to HubSpot to enable HubSpot’s full funnel analytics.

Your key marketing reports will populate with number of customers and revenue created, tied back to marketing data such as lead sources.

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Our HubSpot-CRM Object Mappings



Company (Read, Create, Update)
Company or Account


Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Lead or Contact


Deal (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity or Deal


Engagement (Read, Create, Update)
Activity or Task


Timeline (Create)
Activity or Task


Owner (Read, Create, Update)

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