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Integrate Cvent and HubSpot to align your events & inbound marketing

  • Integrate Cvent & HubSpot without a single line of code
  • Automate lead delivery between Cvent & HubSpot - no manual uploads or dupes
  • Use HubSpot timelines & smart lists for deep info on Cvent events & sessions
  • Option to leverage HubSpot to manage email communications for Cvent events
  • Certified partner of both HubSpot & Cvent


Automate data from Cvent to HubSpot, without manual uploads or duplicates

Never upload another spreadsheet of event registrants!

Your connection between Cvent and HubSpot will ensure that as prospects/customers engage in multiple events, a single HubSpot record updates with all event information and without creating duplicates.


Use HubSpot timelines for visibility into Cvent event & session activity

Detailed Cvent activity will be displayed on the HubSpot timeline as part of the HubSpot contact record.

Get a single view into event & session history including registration & attendance status โ€“ overlaid with other marketing activities in HubSpot.

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Use Smart lists to segment on Cvent registrations & sessions

Granular Cvent data on each event flows into HubSpot, allowing you to segment lists based on specific events and sessions.

This is powerful for building HubSpot reports and creating target smart lists for follow up.

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Use HubSpot to trigger & customize Cvent registration emails

You have the option to manage emails related to Cvent events directly in HubSpot so that they are tracked as part of your overall email reporting.

This also gives you the ability to tailor the emails โ€“ e.g. different versions for prospects vs. customers.

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Our HubSpot-Cvent Object Mapping



Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)


Event Registration (Read)
Timeline (Create)


Event Attendance (Read)
Timeline (Create)


Session Registration (Read)
Timeline (Create)


Session Attendance (Read)
Timeline (Create)

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